Thursday, 9 January 2020

CCXLVII. AoS28: The Order of the Twin-Tailed Comet

For my first post of the new year we have a new pair of Templars to join the existing two. Now they have the numbers to be a warband on their own.

Two Knight Brothers, Commander, Chaplain.

Knight Commander.

I wanted the Commander to stand out from the Knight Brothers. The helmet design reminiscent of the twin-tailed comet is something I wanted to include from the start.

The conversion is a mix of Perry plastic parts, a GW comet symbol (don't remember exactly where it came from) and green stuff.

The conversion is a combination of Perry plastic knight parts and North Star plastic wizard (plus putty).

*   *   *

On a related note, I'm happy to announce that this summer I will once again be hosting an AoS28 event in Zagreb. The custom rules system written by my brother Ivan is nearly ready for a test drive, and I'm busy preparing the briefing document and fearfully glancing at the pile of terrain that needs to be built and painted over the coming months. 

More information coming soon. 


  1. Great job on those minis! I absolutely love the twin-tailed comet helmet.

  2. Great work again! The comet is a great addition to the figure of the captain that pushes it from "historical" to "fantasy".

    The comet is an Empire banner topper I think.

  3. Wonderful miniatures. The comet on the helmet looks like the banner top for the freeguild greatswords. I am very intrigued about the event you'll be hosting. I look forward to more information.

  4. Nice, unexpected use of the comet. Love the freehand on the chalpain's chestplate as well. Great job!

  5. Inspired work. I love how they look and the imposing vibe they both instil.