Wednesday 29 April 2020

CCLX. The Amfast Campaign vol.3

The second mission of the Amfast Campaign, where our Stormcast were ambushed by Chaos troops led by the Sergeant who escaped us in the first game.

First, we spent some of the Glory Points we earned in game one. This is the list of available upgrades I concocted for the campaign, using the Planet 28 core rulebook:

  • Blessed by the God King (When making a skill roll this character may roll 2D10 and keep the Lowest score.) +30GP
  • Bulwark (Enemies receive no bonus when charging this character. ) +10GP
  • Inspiring zeal (A single friendly character within line of sight receives +1D10 to their skills during their next turn, distributed as you like. Once per game.) +15GP
  • Radiant aura (This character projects a radiant aura - enemy characters receive +1 damage for each turn they spend in base contact with this character. ) +15GP
  • Fear (This character inspires terror in all who see them - enemy characters wishing to charge them must first make a break test.) +15GP
  • Heal (This character may heal 1D6 hit points to any character in base contact. ) +20GP
  • Throw (This character may throw any character in base contact 1D12 cm in a direction of their choosing. Characters thrown off of ledges must take fall damage. ) +15GP
  • Arcana (This character has access to a range of magical or psychic powers. ) +30GP
  • Explosive Bolts (Characters within 5cm of any character hit by this weapon take D6 damage. ) +20GP
  • Antimaterial Bolts (When hit by this weapon, target characters armour is reduced by one D for the rest of the game. ) +30GP
  • Knock back Bolts (Targets hit by this weapon are thrown backwards 1D12cm. ) +20GP
  • Sniper (This character may re-roll any failed skill rolls when shooting. )+20GP
  • Gunslinger (This character may make shoot actions when locked in combat.)+20GP
  • Celestial Silver Armour (2D10+5. +1 Agility. +5 HP. ) +50GP
  • Spiked Armour (Whenever an enemy makes a successful melee attack against this character they take D4 damage.) +25GP
  • Reinforced Armour (This character may make an additional 1D4 armour roll whenever they take damage. ) +8GP
  • Winged Greaves (This character receives +1D6 to their movement speed.) +6GP

Loriana expended 8 of her 19 GP to procure Reinforced Armour. Gordon spent his entire 20GP to receive the Gunslinger upgrade.



After they captured a Chaos camp in Mission 1, Loriana and Gordon go out to inspect the neighbourhood. While they are creeping through the ruined city streets, they are surprised by a group of Chaos soldiers.

The mission is to retreat back where we came from (cross the table edge way behind our characters’ backs). We are surrounded by three Chaos Infantrymen who shoot at us with rifles, their Sergeant, and a pair of Pikemen who cut off our escape route.

We played on a 2'x4' board, using my collection of plastic ruins terrain.

Once again, we used the Planet 28 rules system. Now that we’ve played it a bit more we have a better understanding of the system. We noticed that we made a few design mistakes in creating some of our enemies, which we will make sure to correct for future games. Nic released solo & co-op rules for the system (Planet 28: Death on the Periphery), but they landed after we played this game. We will definitely take a look at the new rules before the next one, though.



Gordon and Loriana started the game surrounded. We were confident enough in our firepower and armour, so we elected not to start retreating right away. The Sergeant who escaped us was right in front of us, shouting taunts and curses. And shooting lead. We were happy to be reunited with an old friend, and proceeded to greet him back. Gordon quickly scored the kill.

The Pikemen revealed themselves, blocking our fastest escape route and slowly advancing with their pikes ready. We exchanged shots with the Infantrymen, taking out one each and making the third one flee in terror. 

The Pikemen proved much tougher to take out due to their strong armour. Loriana took a fine amount of damage from their pikes, so much she used up her Healing Potion, and eventually decided to withdraw. Gordon was on top of a building at the time, trying to shoot them from there as they pursued Loriana in her retreat. 

She managed to get away, and Gordon stayed concealed until the Pikemen left the scene. Then he withdrew back to the camp as well.


In this battle Loriana earned 9 GP from successful hits and 5GP for her one kill. This means her GP total is now 25. Gordon earned 10 GP from shots and 10 from taking out an Infantryman and the Sergeant. He is once again at 20GP. Since we retreated from the battlefield and didn’t loot the single treasure chest that was on the board, we earned 0 GP from securing treasure. Neither one of us was taken out this game (though we were worried for Loriana at a point), so there is no loss of Glory.

Now for a bit of audience participation. We’ve settled in the city, showed we are not to be trifled with. It’s time to begin purging Amfast from the corrupting influence of Uras. We have two options for our next mission, and you can help us decide which one we will do. If you will direct your gaze to our campaign map:

There are two locations we can visit next: the Well and the Docks. The Amfast water supply has been corrupted by Uras. We can go inspect the main well to see what is happening there and try to fix it. Or, we can go to the Docks to destroy the shipment of weaponry that has arrived to the city to equip the growing Chaos army. Which one would you like to see next? The Well or the Docks? Give us your vote in the comments. I will keep it open until Friday. Then I will start working on the special terrain features required for the location with more votes, so we can play the mission.

The campaign map was created by splicing together a number of old woodcuts I downloaded from Wikimedia Commons. It was all printed out, and the paper was aged with coffee. Then we put wax seals on it for extra pizzazz.

CCLIX. The Sigil

Gardens of Hecate has a shiny new sigil!
A sign of new things to come…

Courtesy of Alexei Vella (

Wednesday 22 April 2020

CCLVIII. Daemons of Uras, Chaos God of Pride

The Amfast camoaign happens to coincide with the second #28magchallenge, which is all about creating new gods for the Warhammer Chaos pantheon. Seemed like a good idea to combine the two and make up a deity whose followers will be our adversaries in the campaign. Thus Uras came into being.

Uras is the Chaos god of pride. Pride is interesting, it can be regarded both as a positive and a negative quality in a person. For instance, Christian doctrine names pride as one of the Seven Deadly Sins, while Aristotle considers it a virtue. This felt like a good match as the theme of our new god, since in my opinion Chaos gods are supposed to be attractive to people, offering something they desire in order to lead them to their ultimate corruption and damnation of their souls. Uras corrupts through flattery and encouragement, subtle manipulation and shame. He preys on the ambitious and on the vainglorious, but also on those of shattered self-worth, those who have been looked down on their whole lives.
I made the sigil of Uras, so I could mark his troops with it. The Sigilist then made this lovely version of it:

Monolith of Uras

A small piece of thematic terrain we will use in the campaign. The base is made of carved polystyrene, the stone itself from carved plaster, and the alien growths are tree roots sprayed red.

Soraan the Vainglorious, Daemon Prince of Uras

Soraan the Magnificent to his followers, Soraan the Vainglorious to his enemies. In his mortal life he was a general whose single goal in life was to advance his military career by any means necessary. He found a patron in the Chaos god Uras and became his Champion. Eventually, his deeds earned him the gift of immortality and he ascended to daemonhood as a Daemon Prince of Uras.

Soraan manifests as an immense floating visage and has the power to shoot beams of destructive focused light from his obsidian eyes – a common gift of Uras to his worthy acolytes.

Soraan is the big baddie Gordon and Loriana will face at the end of the Amfast Campaign.
The model is a part of a destroyed Sigmar statue from the Warcry starter kit scenery set. I had to do some subtle modifications on it, but that is essentially it.

Daemons of Uras

These demons are also big heads, floating above ground: symbolic of Uras' theme of pride. And they as well attack by shooting terrifying eye lasers. Anybody have an idea what to call these demons? Khorne has Bloodletters, Nurgle has Plaguebearers, Tzeentch Horrors and Slaanesh Daemonettes. What would be a good name for these buggers?

To make the models I sculpted a suitably creepy face and then made copies using Oyumaru press moulds.

The City of Amfast and what happened to it

The city was prosperous and wealthy. The patricians wished to show off by building the largest and most magnificent cathedral to Sigmar on top of a large hill in Amfast. They grew more and more reckless, even going as far as to dismantle parts of the city walls to use the stone for their megalomaniac project. Seeing how prideful the city was, Uras turned his gaze towards it, and began working his schemes. The cathedral grew larger and larger as time passed, until one day the city was hit by an earthquake of great magnitude. The fateful building of titanic proportions came down, parts of its fallen walls rolling down the hill in all directions, flattening many houses and townsfolk in their path. In the end, once glorious Amfast was in ruins. This is when Uras' followers revealed themselves and took control of the reeling city in the name of their god. Chaos reigns supreme.

The destruction of the city is, of course, thematically connected to the ruinous powers that have now taken root within its walls.