Tuesday 8 December 2015

XCIV. Anthroparions

Trio of Anthroparions can be called finished. I showed the first attempt a few posts ago. However, I decided to chop off his masked head and replace it with a human mug. That made him more akin to the little Morbid Homunculus. The other two follow the same pattern.
The bodies are from Skaven, arms from The Hobbit Goblins and heads from an Empire State Trooper and two Chaos Cultists. A bit of greenstuffing was needed to to blend the bits together or to repair the parts where I removed a tail or an arm.  I also converted the cultist heads a little because I didn't wish them to remain identical.

*   *   *

And this is the newest conversion: a soldier in service of count Waywode. I wanted to give the Countess some human minions, this being the first. More about it when it gets painted.