Tuesday 23 July 2013

XXVII. The Chapel

When my stock of balsa arrived I got to work immediately. I decided to start small, so the first building ever for Gardens of Hecate came out to be a simple Chapel. There's just enough room in it for a small altar against the back wall and one or two pilgrims. It's a place for solitary prayer. The front is decorated by a cross and the coats of arms of the wealthy individuals who had the structure built. 

I was pretty excited while I was working on it, so I may have rushed some parts. But I am non the less happy with how it turned out. The next one will be even better. :-)

I took pictures before painting:

 And more angles of the finished piece:

Thursday 11 July 2013

XXVI. Making Terrain II

Some more work on my forests and fences. But first a tree comparison picture for Jimmy:

Citadel Wood set can be called done. I may or may not put leaves on the currently naked tree.

Citadel Wood
My first four wooden fences:

Fences I and II

Fences III and IV

A fence herd.

While I'm waiting for the necessary material to arrive I'm composing a list of terrain I want to have. If you have any neat ideas feel free to make suggestions. This is what I have thought of so far:

  • Treasure chests
  • Barrels
  • Human corpses
  • Dead cow
  • Churchyard
  • Pumpkin patch with scarecrow
  • Signposts
  • Dry stone walls
  • Roadside Shrine
  • Houses
  • Church
  • Ruined houses
  • Water Well 
  • Windmill

I intend to build them by myself, with the exception of the Windmill and the Water Well, which I'll hopefully be acquiring from my countrymen: the amazing Tabletop World.
I am also about to start another faction. But more on that later.

Tabletop World Windmill and Water Well

Sunday 7 July 2013

XXV. Making Terrain

I'm continuing my work on terrain. For now it's just trees, fences and smaller "flavour" pieces, as I'm warming up for actual buildings. : D

First, another Hanging Tree is done. Shame the sculpts are nearly identical; the only difference is the position of the rope (and the men originally hanging from them were different, but I didn't want them there). I added some mushrooms, fern and leaves to the bases:

 Now for some scratchbuilt terrain. This is a wooden cross, symbol of the Church of Saints. Heavily weathered, just as I like them. The body is balsa and matchsticks, the flowery thingies are greenstuff, and the candles are from the GW Empire Wizard kit:

Finally, this is my fence prototype. Another three are in WIP stage, and more will follow. You can never have too many of those. Balsa and matchsticks again.

Monday 1 July 2013

XXIV. The Nightgaunts

Well, here they are. A pair of dark and silent Nightgaunts:

I have also finished the first of the gnarly trees. The fellow hanging out next to it is a pretty damn cool Malifaux miniature called Jack Daw. He fits well into my world, though I haven't got a purpose for him yet. I'll call him The Hanged Man.