Tuesday, 23 July 2013

XXVII. The Chapel

When my stock of balsa arrived I got to work immediately. I decided to start small, so the first building ever for Gardens of Hecate came out to be a simple Chapel. There's just enough room in it for a small altar against the back wall and one or two pilgrims. It's a place for solitary prayer. The front is decorated by a cross and the coats of arms of the wealthy individuals who had the structure built. 

I was pretty excited while I was working on it, so I may have rushed some parts. But I am non the less happy with how it turned out. The next one will be even better. :-)

I took pictures before painting:

 And more angles of the finished piece:


  1. Wow, very cool. Great job on both the construction and painting. Feels like it fits the mood you were going for.

  2. Awesome modelling skills o.O

    The building reminds me a lot of GW's Garden of Morr

  3. Awesome! It´s so dark a creepy!

  4. Lovely work on that creepy looking chapel...