Sunday, 7 July 2013

XXV. Making Terrain

I'm continuing my work on terrain. For now it's just trees, fences and smaller "flavour" pieces, as I'm warming up for actual buildings. : D

First, another Hanging Tree is done. Shame the sculpts are nearly identical; the only difference is the position of the rope (and the men originally hanging from them were different, but I didn't want them there). I added some mushrooms, fern and leaves to the bases:

 Now for some scratchbuilt terrain. This is a wooden cross, symbol of the Church of Saints. Heavily weathered, just as I like them. The body is balsa and matchsticks, the flowery thingies are greenstuff, and the candles are from the GW Empire Wizard kit:

Finally, this is my fence prototype. Another three are in WIP stage, and more will follow. You can never have too many of those. Balsa and matchsticks again.


  1. Nice trees. How tall are they, compared to GW woods?

    1. They're about the same height, with GW trees only slightly taller. These stand on 50mm bases. I'll put a comparison shot for you into my next post. : )

  2. It's amazing how good looking you've made Balsa wood and Matchsticks.....