Thursday 24 October 2013

XXVII. Hodgepodge

Some miscellaneous things to share today. I'll start with a few pieces of inspiring artwork:

by Francesco Balsamo

by Francesco Balsamo

by Haruko Maeda

by Zdislaw Beksinski;
I love this painting, even more because it bears an eerie resemblance to my Custodian spirits.

by Zdislaw Beksinski
If you're a fan of Beksinski, YouTube channel Droog's Mixes has this video which combines Beksinski's amazing artwork with a very appropriate soundtrack of dark ambient music. And there's an entire hour of it. Delicious.

If you're on Facebook and like macabre and beautifully grotesque art, you'll enjoy the page The Macabre And the Beautifully Grotesque. It collects tons and tons of freaky artwork.

*  *  *

The other day I chanced upon an interesting four-part video series Everything is a Remix. It discusses how ideas evolve, the derivative nature of creativity, and the problems which occur when the law system decides to treat ideas as property. You can watch the entire series here: Link.

*  *  *

I knocked together this bell some time ago, but never posted it here. People use it to proclaim an emergency, to summon meetings and similar. It comes from VC Corpse Cart kit.

I bought another Citadel Wood kit. I'll use the forest's base to make a small graveyard, and the trees will stand on their own. I also have a half- made mushroom ring on a CD base. Can't wait to go back to terrain-making in November. : )

Monday 7 October 2013

XXXVI. Custodian Spirit III.

Made another Custodian. This time I cut up a plastic Banshee I had lying around.

It's cool how many different miniatures I can use to make these. So, the three Custodians all vary in size and detail. This one is the smallest and a bit more fancy. It was probably a lady, back when it was alive. 

On a different note: looks like October will be a pretty slow month here in the Gardens.

I'm working on two new crews for "proper" Malifaux's second edition. If you're interested you can follow my progress on Carrion&Hodgepodge. The plan is to have all 15-ish minis done by mid November.

Another thing that's occupying my time is Wyrd's Rotten Harvest online painting contest. The rules say I'm not allowed to say what it's gonna be, or show any WIP photos or concept sketches. The deadline is October 31st. I'm converting like crazy already. Wish me luck.