Wednesday 12 August 2015

LXXXIX. The Ogre

Being busy with the Cemetery Project and several commissions, it's been a long while since I last painted a miniature for my own pleasure.  But after the Black Queen painting competition last month I got really inspired and I couldn't resist the urge. The result of one whole day of manic painting is this Ogre, whom I intended for the Fairy faction in Gardens of Hecate.

 The 30mm resin miniature is produced by Mannikin Studios and it's based on an illustration by Arthur Rackham.

I put him on a 30mm base. He's quite slim, but he stands more than a head taller than a human.

The colour scheme is the same as with the other members of the Fairy faction.

*   *   *

Apart from Black Queen, my club also organised an international Malifaux tournament the week after. I must say it was two great and busy weekends. I met new people, had a lot of fun. Won some prizes. :)

And this is the loot.  I must point out that these came with prizes in form of miniatures, supplies and  store credit from the tournament's many sponsors.

 *   *   *
Then my brother and I made a trip to the city of Prague for a few days. We saw lots of fantastic architecture and I had plenty of good beer. Sadly, we didn't get the chance to visit the famous Old Jewish Cemetery.

St. Nicholas Church. Dome interior.

St. Nicholas Church. Main entrance.

St. Vitus Cathedral.

St. Vitus Cathedral.

One very fancy lamp post.

While I was traveling, a package arrived for me containing Renedra gravestones and MiniNatur ivy. The work on the graveyard terrain continues... 

 *   *   *