Monday 14 July 2014

LXVIII. The Plunder

It's been a busy, exam-filled couple of weeks with not much time to dedicate to my minis. Nontheless, I managed to squeeze in a little bit of painting. 

My collection of treasure chests and barrels has grown in size. These are all plaster copies, and I think the originals came from various manufacturers. The two rectangular chests are my own sculpts, though; you might remember them from XLII. The Old Cemetery. I'm planning to do some more barrels still. 

And a minor update on the second Fate Deck:

Twelve of Bone. All four twelves are now done.
 *   *   *

Yesterday and the day before yesterday my club held the Agram Arena Summer event, which featured a two-day WH40K tournament and the Black Queen painting competition. Like every year, we had guests from abroad and it made for an interesting weekend. I had entries in nearly all of the categories. There was a lot of Malifaux in the competition- especially in the Unit/Squad category, which was full of Malifaux Crews (my Redchapel Gang won third place). 
The Chapel won gold in the Open category. You may remember this piece from XXVII. The Chapel. It's the first building I ever built for Gardens of Hecate.

The Box won second place in Diorama/Duel category.

 The Headless Horse-man won third place in the Large/Mounted category. Fun fact: I entered his friend the Reaper Horse-man in the same category last year, and he too came home with a bronze medal.

And it's not just the medals. There were many sponsors, so the prizes were really neat. My haul included a photo backdrop from Hangar 18 Miniatures, a Winsor&Newton brush, Dragon officer guard from Figone, a couple of scenic bases (also from Figone), Gregory and his twin from Phlegyas-Art Miniatures and a Secret Weapon Miniatures online store voucher. 

Many thanks to UMS "Agram", to the generous sponsors, and to the other participants. Congratulations to all the winners. See you again next year!

And the next weekend I will be attending the Agram Arena Summer Malifaux tournament. I better get on with finishing my Crew...