Tuesday 6 December 2016

CXII. The Moss Monster

The Moss Monster.
A hulking thing made of mud, gnarled roots and moss.

The Moss Monster is a part of the new faction I'm introducing to Gardens. It will consist of animated scarecrows and similar rickety constructs, as well as some slimy critters, led by a Witch. Conveniently, I'll be able to use the models as a Malifaux crew (Zoraida), seeing that each of them will be either a converted Malifaux mini or entirely scratch-built.
I wanted the Monster to resemble an Ancient Leshen from The Witcher 3 videogame. 

The Moss Monster is a converted Bad Juju from Malifaux. I replaced the original head with a GW horse skull. The antlers are from Mierce Miniatures. I left out some of the details I didn't want, such as human and alligator skulls and voodoo dolls. And I gave his right hand scythes for fingers. After painting I glued flock and tufts on to make him nice and fuzzy.
The original model.

*   *   *
 So far the Monster is accompanied by three Treefolk.

They are slightly converted Malifaux Waldgeists. My problem with the original models was that they looked as if drawn by three different artists, all with different styles. So I intervened a little bit with green stuff and natural roots to bring them all together.

I didn't take a proper picture before converting, so here is the boxart so you can see what exactly I did with them.