Sunday 2 November 2014

LXXV. And Another November

Another year flies by. Yesterday, on November 1st, was the second birthday of Gardens of Hecate. This year was a productive one, though not nearly as much as wish it had been. The number of painted miniatures has  doubled at least, and so has my terrain collection (however, I wish I had made more houses). I added two new factions, while the old ones gained some more minitures. Made a Fate Deck and started on another one. Gardens minis were exhibited in my club's annual exhibition in February. I've started working on the rules and scenarios some time in March. And I still haven't played a single game. :D But it might happen this year, who knows...

I'm glad to say the number of followers has doubled as well. Thanks again to all folks who read the blog and comment on the posts. Your interest helps my motivation, and more than once you've directed me to amazing sources of inspiration (art, books, films, tutorials, as well as your own work). :)

*   *   *

Putrid Blightkings are all the rage nowadays among creative converters. So my brother went and surprised me with a box, as an early birthday+Christmas gift. How very thoughtful of him.

The kit is awesome. I'd already thought of a couple characters I could build before I even had the box.

As soon as I received it I started to cut things off the sprues. For now, I've just put bits together with blu-tack. As I still don't have much time, the progress on these will be very slow. 

 *   *   *

In the end I'll just leave you with this eerie scene I shot from my bedroom window just this morning. The atmosphere out there was terrific.

I think I'll call it: "Some Poor Corvids Freezing Their Feathers Off in a Thick November Fog"...