Monday, 30 March 2020

CCLV. The Amfast Campaign vol.1

The Amfast Campaign is a joint effort with my boyfriend, whom I'm still introducing to miniature wargaming. We'll play it to keep our spirits up while sequestered due to the ongoing pandemic. Amfast is a small city in ruins, and we'll be liberating it from Chaos scum; it's a totally basic setup, just something to do together. We'll make battle reports for each game and keep you all posted on our progress.

As for our choice of rules, we'll give the new Planet 28 system a try. I backed Nic's Kickstarter for the zine. It won't reach me anytime soon because of the current situation, but the rulebook was recently released for free in PDF form: LINK.

Since #28magchallenge is going on at the moment, this was a good excuse to come up with a custom lesser chaos god. We created Uras, the god of Pride. We'll talk more about him in future updates.
The mag is now on Patreon, btw, so if you want to support  28 you can donate here: LINK.

Army of Soraan the Vainglorious, Champion of Uras

Servants of the Ruinous Powers occupying Amfast. I made the minis last week, quickly knocked them together from various plastic historicals and speed painted them. The aesthetic is a bit different from what I'm doing in Sunhold. This is a nice break and opportunity to do some things that would not fit there. Since Planet 28 is meant as a futuristic system I put some rifles in there, and picked ranged Stormcast for our PCs. We'll see how it plays soon. More enemies will be coming as the campaign progresses, including the big baddie Soraan himself (my entry for the 28mag challenge).

Chaos Warrior and Chaos Chosen

Chaos Infantrymen and Chaos Infantryman Sargeant

Chaos Pikemen

Chaos Knight


Stormcast Castigators

I created these two as player characters for us. In life, they were heroes from opposing armies, who happened to kill each other in battle. Now they have been reforged and serve Sigmar together as Stormcast Eternals.

Loriana Steelstorm, Templar of the Celestial Virtues

Gordon the Vigilant, Redeemer of the Great Cities

I hope you are all safe and doing OK in these interesting times.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

CCLIV. AoS28: Deadwalker Paragons and Hounds

Deadwalker Paragons

Deadwalker Paragons are reanimated remains of great heroes from Sunhold's history.

The models are 40mm resin knights from V&V Miniatures. They're fantastic sculpts and casts; I will surely be purchasing more models from them in the future. In my usual fashion, I converted the minis: most notably replaced their original heads with death's head helmets sculpted from scratch. 

Paragons tower over lesser men.

Deadwalker Hounds

Warlord Games and North Star doggos. Drilled out their eye holes and gave them an appropriately filthy, dusty paintjob.

And here are their Fabula profiles:

Take care, everyone.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

CCLIII. AoS28: Ogre Mercenaries and Deadwalker Knights

A few more models for AoS28 this week.

Ogre Mercenaries

Till and Kazmer, Ogre Mercenaries in Sunhold.

Till is a converted Gulgoch from the Beastgrave Wurmspat box (I love all three of those models), and Kazmer is a repurposed and reworked old mini of mine (a Lord of Blights conversion).

Size comparison with a human soldier.
These are downsized ogres, converted from Blightkings. I harbour a dislike towards Warhammer Ogor minis. Their proportions, especially the size ratio between their heads and bodies, makes them look less brutal and more goofy. The poses are stiff and wooden, and the models are a pain to convert into new poses. I used to have an Ogre army back when they first came out as a faction in WHFB, and I liked the artwork I found in the Armybook.  Always wished the minis would reflect that artwork better. I wanted to take a step in that direction with my new Ogre Mercs.

Cover of the first WHFB Ogre Kingdoms Armybook.

Deadwalker Knights

Expanding my Deadwalker roster with some stronger troops. These guys are hard to take down, but are painfully slow. Probably better avoided or distracted than engaged into melee. The models are once again Perry medieval knights with resculpted faces and shambling poses.

As with the last batch, Ivan and I made Fabula profiles for them right away:

Thursday, 27 February 2020

CCLII. AoS28: Sunhold Deadwalkers and Netopyr

At last found a bit of time for my personal projects, so I made a few figures real quick. 

 Sunhold Deadwalkers

I'm trying to settle for a definitive look for my undead in the Sunhold setting. Reanimated denizens of the city's past will be a commonly encountered enemy. I want them based on partly skeletonised/partly mummified remains, like the ones in Sicilian Capuchin crypts. Converted both these Deadwalker soldiers using plastic historicals - same as for many of my living humans. These required a bit more work with the scalpel, drill and putty, though.

Deadwalker Footsoldier and Deadwalker Crossbowman.




These giant bats came from the Grymwatch kit. They were originally chained together, and I managed to cut them apart and base them separately. I changed their faces and feet as well, to make them look less cartoony. They will join the ranks of the feral Vampires and their ghoul servants.

While I was at it, they got Fabula profiles. Here they are:

That's it, back to work...

Thursday, 13 February 2020

CCLI. Fabula: Rules System for Narrative Tabletop Skirmish V1.2.

You can now download the updated version of the rules here: Fabula V1.2. The updates since V1.1. include alternating activation mode and an appendix with a guide for deciding TNs for Checks. Also, page numbers were messed up in the previous version, so that is now fixed as well.
Thanks to our playtesters and everyone else who gave us feedback so far! 

Additionally, we have started a Facebook group for discussions about the rules system and sharing related content. You can join it here: LINK.

*   *   *

For the past couple weeks I've been busy behind the scenes with activities unrelated with Sunhold: the First Triumvirate, but my friends on the project have made some progress. @Lazaraie showed off WIPs of his Sect of Abundance (LINK),  @dark_isles is working on a group called the Gravekin (LINK), @nic_the_evans made the King in Chains, who is the central figure of his warband (LINK), and @ingrimmson has another delightful WIP from his own warband (LINK). 
Follow #aos28sunhold and the artists themselves for future updates.

Friday, 31 January 2020

CCL. Fabula Rules System Playtest

Last Sunday we gathered a few friends and gave a test run to the rules we wrote for the Sunhold event.

If you want to try out the rules as they currently stand, you can download them on this link: FABULA. If enough people show interest, I'm considering opening a FB group for the Fabula rules system so folks can share their experiences, opinions, house rules and stats.

I also put two other documents up for download: the Sunhold mood board (LINK) and the brief intro to the setting (LINK), since I got a few queries about those.

This week we've seen more WIPs from other Sunhold participants:  @ingrimmson (LINK) @shavigrad (LINK),  @frigidus_sanguis (LINK) and @totally_not_panicking (LINK). 
Follow #aos28sunhold for future updates on the project. 

Now about our first playtest. Ivan and I were GMs, and we had three players: Luka, Goran and Patrik (who also took photos of the game). Luka was the only one with experience in tabletop miniature gaming. We set up the board using our ruins and graveyard scenery, populated it with traps, loot and visible and secret monsters (Deadwalkers, Skeletons, Harpies, Crypt Ghouls, Deranged Cultists), and let the players pick their warbands. Luka played the Iron Legs, Goran the Templars of the Twin-Tailed Comet, and Patrik had Avananta Stormsight with a single Templar henchman. Their main goal was to raid a particular crypt that contained a valuable artefact, but in order to get there they had to get through perilous ruins.

The players decided at some point to start viciously killing each other. That ended in all PCs being wiped out before they even passed into the second half of the map, where a boss was waiting for them, guarding their main objective. The guys didn't take the game seriously in the slightest, but since this was a playtest it didn't matter as much. We definitely confirmed that collaboration between warbands is highly beneficial for success in this game.

We did get a bunch of feedback from our playtesters, some of which we immediately implemented in the first tweak of the rulebook. We intend to do several more playtest games to get a better idea what works and what doesn't.

Friday, 24 January 2020

CCXLIX. AoS28: The Iron Legs

The Iron Legs are a group of adventurers working for the figurehead Queen of Eagelroc. This warband was designed by my brother Ivan and executed by me. This band of rascals will be used this Sunday in our first playtest of the rules system Fabula, which was written for the Sunhold game.

Lukas the Fortunate.

Lukas is the leader if the warband. He is a mercenary, treasure hunter and explorer, whose accomplishments are more often than not the product of inexplicable luck rather than skill or wit. He was built using mostly plastic Perry parts. The pistol is from Freebooter Miniatures. The sword and helmet have been heavily modified with wire and putty, and the ruff around his neck is sculpted from scratch.

Padre Ambrosius.

This character is a corrupt priest of Sigmar. The model was based on a WH40k Astropath. The head came from Warlord plastic Zulu warriors kit.


Sebastianus is a soldier with an appetite for human flesh. Perry plastics with some sculpting.


Narses is a rifleman, and a notorious coward. Also a Perry plastics kitbash with a bit of green stuff.

*   *   *

The first few public posts from Sunhold participants have been shared by @shavigrad (LINK), @vmkuriljov (LINK), @frigidus_sanguis (LINK) and @totally_not_panicking (LINK). Follow #aos28sunhold for future updates on the project.