Sunday, 24 May 2020

CCLXIII. Bone Gheist and Deadwalkers

A few more additions to the ranks of common enemies in the city of Sunhold.

Bone Gheists. These eerie levitating craniums were built using Alien Lab Miniatures large skulls, paperclips and PVA glue.

Added four more Deadwalkers vulgaris to the crowd, bringing their numbers up to nine. The newcomers were converted from a mix of Mantic Ghoul and Zombie parts.

Two more Deadwalker Crossbowmen. Converted from Perry HYW plastics, just like the original one.

Two more Deadwalker Footsoldiers. Same thing; converted from Perry medieval plastics.

And one more Deadwalker Knight, here with the earlier two.


  1. Great stuff! Really like the Agincourt zombies and the Corona skulls are a nice touch of course ;-)

  2. Love those Bone Gheists. Little skull stars! Good use of paper clips and PVA glue.

  3. They all are scary as hell. I love the whole bunch.

  4. The conversion of historicals to a dark fantasy setting is something I'm really loving.

  5. Amazing work on the Deadwalkers. I'd love to know how you painted them.

    1. Scale 75 browns and bone, Typhus Corrosion, powder pigments. Don't forget highlights and blacklining, so the model doesn't look like an amorphous drab blob.

  6. The best use of paperclips ever.

  7. Incredibly atmospheric & creepy - great work!


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