Saturday, 9 May 2020

CCLXI. AoS28: Sunhold Chaos Cultists

A happy family...

You will recognise models from my Mordheim MMXIX warband. They have now been rebased and repurposed for the future, and I added two new minis which will open interesting narrative opportunities.

 The new arrivals are this mother and child cultists. They were both converted from Heresy Miniatures ghouls.

 Deranged Cultists with sticks.

  Deranged Cultists with stones.

 The Possessed. A cultist possessed by a Daemon, given superhuman strength, speed and ferocity.

 A Madman. A cultist who believes they are possessed by a Daemon.

Chaos Cultist Priest. Chanting and blood sacrifice galore.

 Feral Mongrel. There are packs of these roaming the ruins.

They are all enemies commonly encountered in Sunhold, and we made them Fabula profiles so we can use them in our games:

Even though the Sunhold: the First Triumvirate event had to be postponed indefinitely due to the overall plague and the earthquakes that devastated Zagreb in March, participants are still creating amazing stuff. Check the newest updates from @vmkuriljov (dwarf warband sculpted from scratch), @totally_not_panicking (the Princeling's adventuring party) and @lazaraie (bell ringer).

*   *   *
As for the Amfast Campaign, the votes have been counted here and on Instagram. The next place Loriana and Gordon are liberating is... the well. Thanks to everyone who voted. It was an extremely close race. I am currently making the required scenery piece, and I'm hoping we will play our next game next week.
 *   *   *

In other news, I was the guest artist in the online Warhammer-themed comic Mortel Realms run by my friend Pierre.

That's all for this week. Run along.


  1. I've always loved these cultists of yours. The Mother and Child are disturbing as hell. Nicely done.

  2. Really creepy work - these miniatures look fantastic - such a gritty, atmospheric vibe to them!

  3. Very pleased to see that your cultists are making a return, and with some new additions. The mother holding the child is pretty unsettling, adding a whole new dimension to the warband. It is a whole community!

    I was not able to vote for the place I wanted to see Loriana and Gordon go next, but I would have voted for the Well. So, I am pleased that is what narrowly won. Whenever I think of wells, I am reminded of Lovecraft's The Color Out of Space. I am excited to see what you have ins tore!


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