Tuesday 29 September 2015

XCI. Crews

New members for four of the factions. A painting spree.

The Fairy faction got more little blue fairies. These are a mix of GW Wood Elf sprites and Nurglings converted using sprite parts. Some are new and some I'd made before (those were just rebased from 30mm to 25mm bases). Nasty little buggers.
Another Brute for the Troglodytes. I transplanted a goblin head on a Plaguebearer and completed the conversion with Horror arms. Here he is, hanging out with the first Brute.
Orderly #2 for the Plague Doctor's team. I used the same base model as for the original
Orderly - a 40K Chaos Cultist. While #1 is armed with a poison smoke thrower, the new arrival wields a blunderbuss.
And finally, a completely new unit type for the Countess. I knew I was going to add the plastic Spirit Host to the crew as soon as they got released.There are nine single spirits in the box, so there are still more to paint.

*   *   *
Group shots of the crews:


Plague Doctor


*The tainted Rats and Rat Kings also belong in here, but there is just too many of the vermin.
**I had difficulties fitting all the spirits in the picture, so this time I had to leave out some of them.

*   *   *
As per request, a photo of my graveyard terrain built so far. Download to see in full size.

Friday 18 September 2015

XC: The Cemetery Project vol.9

Finally got my hands on a set of Renedra plastic gravestones. Affordable kit and also nice sculpts. Most of the stones in there are generic enough to fit into any setting. For starters I used them to make two smaller and two larger area terrain pieces and three lines of tombstones. Something you'll probably notice in the pictures is that I also obtained some miniature ivy; it's from MiniNatur. I went back and added it to some of the already finished terrain pieces as well.

*   *   *

Right after that I felt ready to tackle the two lamp posts I planned on making. The metal lamps are from Wyrd (sadly, now out of print), and their stone bases were assembled from plaster copies of various bits. The techniques and the procedure have already been explained in previous posts, so I won't ramble about that.

Work in progress shot. Moulds and freshly cast parts.

Lamp post right before painting.
Lamp #1.
Lamp #2.

Next on the list for the graveyard are the stone walls from Garden of Morr. Those are swarming with skulls... But since I miss painting miniatures I might do some of those again. We shall see.