Friday 14 August 2020

Gardens of Hecate Studio

Dear readers,

You are looking at the final post of this blog. It's been going for more than eight years, and time has come for it to shut down... Because we're entering a brand new chapter: Gardens of Hecate is moving to its own new website!


After jumping through a swarm of bureaucratic hoops since the end of 2019, I recently managed to establish a legitimate professional miniature painting studio. Hell of a year, 2020... 

What does this mean?

From now on, making miniatures is not only my hobby, but also my full-time occupation. Luckily, I’m more passionate about it than ever. 

I do not intend to stop blogging, and the type of content on the new blog will stay the same as it was here. I have upgraded my camera, computer and editing software, which will enable me to elevate the quality of my content to a higher level. I’m especially looking forward to being able to make nicer-looking tutorials and battle reports. There will be no paywalls, it will stay freely available to everyone. Plan is to give videos a try at some point, but that’s still far off. 

Apart from the blog, the new website contains a gallery of past projects, as well as a convenient contact form through which you can easily inquire about any commission ideas you may have. 

I will also continue to be present on Facebook and Instagram, and you can follow and reach me through there as well.

This old blog is staying right where it is. There are years and years of posts here, including useful tutorials, which I would hate to take down. So it will be retired, but still stand as an archive of my projects. I will, however, disable comments (starting a week from now). Regularly weeding out the spam is something I’m not ready to continue doing on an inactive blog. 

Thank you all for your attention and support over the years, and I hope you will follow Gardens of Hecate to its new home on If you like what I do, consider commissioning a little something for your collection. 



Hecate artwork by the amazing @blackcrabart