Tuesday, 7 July 2020

CCLXVIII. The Amfast Campaign vol.4

After the last mission we put it up to a vote here and on Instagram what our next encounter would be: the Well or the Docks. The extremely close race was won by the Well. We played the mission at last, and here is how it went.

The acolytes of Uras. They got a bit of a makeover since the previous game.

Neither of us bought any upgrades between battles. Gordon decided to save his 20 for a more expensive upgrade later, and I was an idiot and thought I only had 14 and not 25, and that I therefore couldn’t afford the upgrade I wanted. I seriously have to pay better attention next time, because I really could have used that Gunslinger upgrade…


A bit of scouting, as well as interrogating the frightened populace in the vicinity of the Stormcast camp, brought to our attention that the acolytes of Uras have tampered with water in the city. In their effort to bring in more followers to their foul deity, they used a curse: all water in the city has been made unsafe to drink, and can be cleansed only if taken to a priest of Uras to be blessed. Only the heathen faithful may receive sustenance.  Many have renounced Sigmar to survive, and many of stronger resolve have fallen seriously ill.

Our objective: the main well. It's made mostly of plaster, with a few GW plastic bits.  

The curse’s origin is said to be in the main well, and our mission this time is to reclaim it from the clutches of Chaos. The well was in the centre of the 2’x4’ board, surrounded by ruins and guarded by three Chaos Infantrymen, their Sergeant, two Chaos Pikemen, a Chaos Warrior and a Chaos Chosen. There was an NPC in this game: a sister of Sigmar’s faith, who was being mistreated by the Chaos Warrior next to the well.

Since we learned a bit about how the system works from the first two fights, we’ve made some changes on the unit profiles of our enemies. We also implemented some rules from Planet 28: Death on the Periphery, the solo&co-op expansion for Planet 28.


Gordon and Loriana started the game on one of the 2’ board edges. Our plan was to advance and shoot, hopefully taking out or at least seriously injuring the melee enemies before they get to us. Since Loriana was still crap in close combat, she took the high ground on the ruins next to the well and fired at the nearby enemies. I had really atrocious rolls, missing almost all my shots in the first few turns. Gordon stayed on the ground since he can shoot in melee.  

At some point the Chaos Warrior next to the well threw his nun prisoner into the water to drown, and joined the carnage. He was successful in climbing up to Loriana's position and distrupting her shooting, to which she jumped down with intention to escape him and rush to the nun's rescue. There was a firing squad of Chaos Infantrymen in her way, sadly. Gordon dispatched the Pikemen and was fighting in melee with the Chaos Chosen at the time. He took some serious damage, and unlucky Loriana failed in her attempts to offer support fire.

By the end some enemies routed, most were killed. Since we took our sweet time, we were not able to save the drowning nun, and she died on our hands. But she did reveal useful information with her last breath. The curse on the Amfast water supply comes from the demon-possessed body bound in the well. It is the Mother Superior of the Sisters of Sigmar. There is hope that the holy relic kept in their convent will help us exorcise her. Gordon and Loriana fished the unfortunate woman out of the well, thus removing the curse Uras put on the water. They took her with them to the base. 


In this battle Loriana earned 14 GP from from her shots and kills. This means her GP total goes up to 39. Gordon outperformed her greatly, earning over twice as much: 30 GP. Combined with his old Glory, he now has 50GP and is able to purchase even the most expensive upgrades from the list.  Neither one of us was taken out this game, so there is no loss of Glory.


Now for a bit of audience participation again. Once more, we have two options for our next mission and you can vote to decide which one we will do.

There are two locations we can visit next: the Docks and the Convent. We can go to the Docks to destroy the shipment of weaponry that has arrived to the city to equip the growing Chaos army, or we can go retrieve the relic of St. Beatrice from the desecrated convent of Sisters of Sigmar. Which one would you like to see next? The Docks or the Convent? Give us your vote in the comments. I will keep it open until Friday. Then I will start working on the special terrain features required for the location with more votes, so we can play the mission.

Sister of Sigmar. The model was built using bits from Frostgrave female wizards kit.


  1. Nice battle report. Lovely minis and scenery as always.
    I would like to vote for the Convent please :) Cant wait to read more.

  2. I vote for the desecrated convent because it sounds like the creepier option. :)

  3. Convent for sure.

    Really great report. Amazing world you have going on here.

  4. Definitely the Convent. Time for some good ol' fashioned Devil May Cry action. :3

  5. Been waiting for this report, and it was as good as I hoped.I'm going to vote for the docks... Weapons must be pouring into the city, and I want to see your take on a ship.

    1. Thanks! I'm gonna have to disappoint you by saying there won't be a ship even if we do go to the docks. :(

  6. That Sister is great, so Convent!

  7. Evocative as usual. I'm voting docks, I'd love to see your take on such an scenario. But whatever you finally do will be fantastic for sure!

  8. Darkly beautiful! As is standard for you! Docks, please!

  9. Surely it has to be the docks, despite the undoubted interest in the convent...

  10. Convent! Love the atmosphere in these games.

  11. Docks Docks Docks!
    I love your minis,terrain models and Games,

  12. Both the terrain and miniatures are truly in sync here. Both complement one another extremely well.


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