Wednesday 25 December 2019

CCXLVI. AoS28: Orthros the Defender and a Monk

First of all, merry Christmas!


Orthros the Defender is a Stormcast Sequitor. I got rid of the giant pauldrons and weapon, as well as the helmet halo. This mini was a commission, so he's not staying with me for long. He is likely to eventually get a twin who will remain in my possession.

Orthros and Avananta.


The monk is a mini from the Reaper Bones Black range. First time working with bones black, and it's an improvement over the original bones plastic. Less bendy, for sure. The mould lines are still a bitch to remove, since the material is still not great for filing or scraping. 
It's a really cool model straight out of the blister. I only slightly altered the cross he's wearing to make him better fit into the AoS setting. Not sure yet what his role will be in the games (NPC or playable character), but he is a Sigmarite monk. Painted him to match my Mordheim MMXIX flagellants, which will also be modified and incorporated into my AoS28 collection eventually.

He's a huge man, who will surely strike fear into the rotten hearts of the enemies of Sigmar.

*   *   *

The minis I sculpted for the Harwood Hobbies Kickstarter earlier this year are now available in the Harwood Hobbies online store: LINK. There is an end of 2019/beginning of 2020 sale on right now. You can use the coupon End2019 for 20% off your purchase.

That's all for today. Back to feasting on holiday delicacies! 


  1. Order placed as s Christmas present to myself. Many thanks for the inspiration your work gives me. I don't always get time to comment but always look forward to new posts. Have a good day. Cheers

  2. The sequitors look way better after your treatment.
    Great find this monk, the style of the model fits in perfectly with the rest of your models.

  3. Nice work with the Sequitor. Removing the pauldrons is a nice touch. It looks like that is how Stormcast should always look, and takes away a little of the wonky High Fantasy of the original design. The weapon change is much appreciated, too. I am not a fan of the stormsmite mauls (I had to go on GW's website to find the name).

    The Reaper Bones monk fits very well into your group of models. I was at a local hobby shop that just got in a shipment of the Reaper Bones Black models and made sure to look for the monk. The quality does look better than the original Bones line, but they still have managed to keep the price point down. Good for them, and also for hobbyists everywhere!


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