Friday, 24 January 2020

CCXLIX. AoS28: The Iron Legs

The Iron Legs are a group of adventurers working for the figurehead Queen of Eagelroc. This warband was designed by my brother Ivan and executed by me. This band of rascals will be used this Sunday in our first playtest of the rules system Fabula, which was written for the Sunhold game.

Lukas the Fortunate.

Lukas is the leader if the warband. He is a mercenary, treasure hunter and explorer, whose accomplishments are more often than not the product of inexplicable luck rather than skill or wit. He was built using mostly plastic Perry parts. The pistol is from Freebooter Miniatures. The sword and helmet have been heavily modified with wire and putty, and the ruff around his neck is sculpted from scratch.

Padre Ambrosius.

This character is a corrupt priest of Sigmar. The model was based on a WH40k Astropath. The head came from Warlord plastic Zulu warriors kit.


Sebastianus is a soldier with an appetite for human flesh. Perry plastics with some sculpting.


Narses is a rifleman, and a notorious coward. Also a Perry plastics kitbash with a bit of green stuff.

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The first few public posts from Sunhold participants have been shared by @shavigrad (LINK), @vmkuriljov (LINK), @frigidus_sanguis (LINK) and @totally_not_panicking (LINK). Follow #aos28sunhold for future updates on the project.


  1. All excellent, I really like Ambrosius- very cool idea. I recognized the body but couldn't guess the head. Well done!

  2. I hope you post photos and a play by play of your game Sunday! Love to see these grimy sellswords and your homebrew system in action.

    1. Cheers! I won't be doing a story type report, but I will post photos from the game and some thoughts on it.

  3. For human flesh ?
    Mh... Sigmar is not pleased !

  4. Great work... I'm looking forward to seeing how Narses behaves.

  5. Excellent conversions, painting and the backstory.

  6. Lukas' helmet is so simple... and yet so disturbing with that thing in the front. Great looking group!

  7. Love the color of robes and clothes and minimalistic "metallics".


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