Sunday, 25 November 2012

VI. Strategy and Scheme Cards

I haven't really done much painting this week. Crimson Sphynx 2 is about half done. So no new miniatures to show off.

However, I've been working on accessories - the Scheme and Strategy cards for my Malifaux games. There already are decent ones out there, free to download and print (this is where you'll find them: LINK), but I had to go and make my own. I can't help it. :P The design is done and all I need to do now is fill them with appropriate text. As soon as they're ready I'll put them up for download.



I'm trying to design my own Stat cards as well. But I can't seem to decide which technique would be best for the illustrations... Watercolour paintings? Pen drawings that mimic old woodcuts? Photographs? I gave them all a try but I still can't make up my mind. But that's ok, I'm in no hurry.

Moody photos, like this one of the first version of Bloodfiends, would be neat.

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