Monday, 5 November 2012

III. More Spirits


You can see them grim apparitions just before dark- floating above the grey fields. They can do you no harm, but best not disturb them. Their masters might be close by...

Gheists are generally tiny, harmless spirits, wisps of a kind, who serve as messengers and eyes to the more powerful inhabitants of the Underworld. They accompany the Countess, circling around her and keeping her from harm.
In Malifaux I play Gheists as Seishin. 
The choice of miniatures was easy, and no actual converting was necessary. I simply took the flying skull bits from VC Coven Throne/Mortis Engine kit. They were painted as white smoky things. Very simple.

The Übergheist is a unique Gheist. He is the Countess' "totem" on her travels through the spirit world. 
In Malifaux I play him as Lost Love.
It's another flying skull bit, but with a Chaos Warrior banner top for a head. At first I intended the miniature to be white like the others, but I ended up painting it black for practial reasons- the spiky halo alone was not enough to distinguish it from ordinary Gheists at tabletop distance...

And in the end a group picture of all the Bloodfiends finished so far.


  1. I love the look of this blog and your works are very nice. The make me think of medieval art with all the grotesque images od Dance Macabre.
    I'll be following your blog with keen interest.

  2. I absolutely love Ravenous Bloodfiends.

    The way you arranged them in this picture reminds me of this photo: