Thursday, 12 September 2019

CCXXXII. Untamed Beasts

I'm nearly finished with the second warband from the Warcry starter set: the Untamed Beasts. I'm not really a fan of these models, they're overly cluttered and their weapons are huge and unwieldy (though I do like the idea of bone weapons, and some of them actually look good; if only they were smaller). As with the Iron Golems, I limited my converting interventions mostly to shaving off excessive details. Lots of spikes and fang trinkets were cut. The mini that needed most work was the Rocktusk Prowler, who got its horns and thigh chaos star removed (along with a few more minor changes).

I wanted a dark, drab colour scheme, with the addition of freehand tattoos to liven up the patches of pale bare skin.

There is one model left to do: the Heart-eater. Saved him for last with the intention of recording the painting steps as I work on him. Coming soon.


Rocktusk Prowler and Beastspeaker


First Fang


  1. Very cool! The sort of subdued, earth-tone palette you tend to favour works wonderfully for this lot.

  2. These are terrific! That lion-boar thing looks a lot better - less over-egged - without its horns. And the muted palette makes all the steroidal chaps in the horned helmets look much more sinister.

    1. Thanks! They can look ok when toned down a bit.

  3. Imposing. You totally nailed it.

  4. Got to be honest those 'stripped back' beasts do look better.