Thursday, 20 June 2019

CCXXIV. Witch Hunters: Warrior Priest and Flagellants

Now that I am finished with the Cult of Excess and Self-Indulgence, I'm moving on to their perennial foe: The Cult of Repression and Mortification of the Flesh... 


Many powerful fighting men have come from the ranks of the faithful. The Priests of Sigmar are no exception, and the military wing of the cult is feared and respected throughout the Empire. The Grand Theogonist himself has granted the Warrior-Priests an edict to cleanse Mordheim of Chaos filth. With fire burning in their eyes, the Warrior-Priests stride into battle, chanting aloud the Deus Sigmar, the praise of the patron god of the Empire.

My Warrior Priest was based on an (OOP?) Empire Warrior Priest with two hammers. I replaced the arms with Perry knight arms, and the head with a helm made of a Stormcast head and putty. I got rid of a few minor details to reduce the clutter. The conical shape of the helm is reminiscent of the capirote, a type of pointed hat worn by flagellants and other penitents (still used to this day in processions around Easter in Spain). Wish I'd thought of this myself, but I took the idea from the upcoming videogame Blasphemous. Wanted to use that on a miniature from the moment I first saw it.

Francisco Goya: A Procession of Flagellants (1812–1819)



Flagellants are fanatics and madmen obsessed with the end of the world. They are often men who have lost their families to war or the ravages of nature, and have also lost their minds. With insane persistence, they travel the length and breadth of the Empire, preaching their view of the end of the world. With their rousing speeches, Witch Hunters can muster these dangerous lunatics to fight in the streets of Mordheim, where no sane man dares tread. Flagellants are extremely dangerous opponents in close combat, for they have the strength of madmen, and their bodies have become inured to pain because of self-mutilation.

These were made of Empire Flagellants and a  Warrior Priest. They are the same models from my earlier project, that was also a cult of Sigmar, but in AoS. Gave them a little putty makeover and a full repaint. 

The rest of the Warband coming up next. In the meantime, I urge you to check out one of the boards we'll be using for the Mordheim MMXIX campaign, built by Kari: LINK (there are more pics on his instagram profile). It's spectacular.

Mordheim MMXIX logo was designed by Tammy Nicholls.


  1. Stunning work, Ana. Dripping with character and a real refreshing take on the Witchhunters of the Old World. :)

  2. Amazing stuff! That helmet looks great and the body you've chosen fits it perfectly, creating a very cool character. 'Faceless' flagellants are also creepily good ;)

  3. Very cool! As someone from the US, tho, the pointy helmet/hoods make it even more sinister, due to the association with the similar hoods used by the KKK.

    1. Thanks! To be honest, in case of this particular warband that sinister association is not an unwelcome one. The characters under those hoods are not at all pleasant nor particularly rational.

    2. Yeah, that wasn't really a negative comment in this particular context.

  4. A truly stunning take on these classic units.
    Marvelous work as always.

  5. What an inspiring work. The capirotes fit in perfectly, wonderful take on these.