Friday 8 February 2019

CCVII. Inq28: Sister Beata

Finally got round to painting this model. Bought Canoness Veridyan months ago, as she fit in perfectly with my Inquisitorial retinue. Since the mini was already based on a Blanche illustration, I ended up leaving her unconverted - a rare occurrence on my workbench. She was painted in the same loose style as the other characters. This is actually not faithful to the artwork (it's an actual illustration, not a sketch) but it was more important that she blends in with the warband. Here she is, with a paintjob and a new name:

Sister Beata.

*   *   *

Another thing I want to tell you about in this post is the launch of liminal, my new slow-burn project in a new setting. It involves miniatures but has no gaming component to it. It'll be me exploring further what I can do with scenic miniature photography, in bringing to life an eerie world and its denizens using as little accompanying text as possible. If you end up finding the content there to be murky and unclear, means I'm doing it right.

I want this project to have its own space, so I started a blog for it: HERE. This blog is not going to feature any WIPs or discussions of backstory, inspiration, etc., the way you're used to seeing from me. However, some 'behind the scenes' content about liminal may appear here on Gardens occasionally. By that I mean the technical stuff: how I set up and shoot my photos or craft the scenery and models, etc.


  1. Great job...looking forward to seeing your new project too :)

  2. Very excited about Liminal; I feel your best work is when you are "on your own"; even though I love what you did with GW settings, I'm eager to see more personal stuff!

  3. Looks great! Really captures the feel of Blanche's work, even if it's not 100% accurate to the art it's from.

    Followed Liminal. That sort of thing is totally my scene, and I really look forward to seeing where you end up going with it. I've actually been considering doing something similar myself on and off for years. Maybe this will finally get me actually working on it.

  4. I agree with those above on Liminal- I love that aspect of the hobby and may pursue it myself.

  5. Excellent work, I love what you did here. Looking forward to your Liminal stuff too :)

  6. I am constantly impressed by your talent. :)


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