Saturday, 14 April 2018

CLXIX. Fae Serpent and a Kobold

Two new minis painted, one for each setting. The Gardens of Hecate Fairies get the Serpent, a Fae noble who likes to take sport hunting trips to the lands of man. The Isles of Brume, my AoS28 setting, get a Kobold warrior of Volmar.

The Serpent

Wanted to add this model to the faction for a while. It's a Rackham metal figure, S'erum. Lovely sculpt, didn't convert it at all. Originally I intended to paint his armour like white ceramics with blue detail. I could not make it look right, so I ended up going another way. His plain sleeves could use some freehand patterns, but that will be added at a later date, when inspiration strikes. For now I call him done.  

*   *   *

Ogmen, Kobold Warrior of Volmar

I mentioned before that the people of Volmar consist mostly of Duardin and Kobolds. But the latter were not represented in the group of models I made. Now I bought the Doomseeker model from Silver Tower, and demonstrated what a Kobold equivalent of those Duardin would look like.

The easiest way to tell these two kinds apart is by looking at their face. Unlike Duardin, Kobolds have prominent noses and large, pointy ears. This is the reason why their ceremonial helmets must be slightly more open than the dwarven ones. The noses' size makes them rather vulnerable, and it is not unusual for a Kobold warrior to have a scarred snout, or even parts of it missing.

Kobold women can grow beards just like Kobold men, which is not the case with Duardin. This causes interesting shifts in Volmarian fashion, changing like the tide. Depending on the current trend, we either find Kobold women regularly shaving their faces, or Duardin women wearing finely crafted beard wigs. I should totally make some models of those ladies, but I fear this might demand full scratch-builds.

Kobolds lay eggs rather than birth live babies. During the incubation period, the mother will paint the egg shell with apotropaic patterns, colours and symbols, to help ensure that the Koboldling inside is safe and hatches alive and healthy.

I like this faction more and more. All sorts of interesting and messed up scenarios possible in their reclusive kingdom. Considering buying a box of Vulkite Berserkers to make a bunch of regular footsoldiers, half of them Kobolds, and half Duardin. I'm also trying to figure out their religion and social structure. Fun stuff.


  1. Ąwesome like always! Bad dreams come true :)

  2. Very nice to know more about the races of Volmar. I imagined that Kobolds where some kind of lizard men... an S'erum the serpent is a magnificent figure.

    1. In DnD they are reptile-like. I've seen all sorts of representations. They have a certain connection with dragons in folklore. Maybe I should cover that topic in a post in the future.

  3. Brilliant! That kobold conversion is marvellous!

  4. Great! This Rackham mini is one of my favourite, and your color scheme is original, congratulations.

  5. Apotropaic: I learned a new word today. That's a cool one, thanks!

  6. Really this is the top miniatures blog for me. Every picture of every miniature is so evocative and well done. The tones you paint with, your style of painting, your conversions and sculpting is all just wonderful. Really really great stuff here.