Wednesday, 8 January 2014

XLVII. Some More Revisions

While at it, I messed with the musical Bell-Ringer as well. I wasn't too happy with his warpaint (which I introduced to counter the monotony of his big green surfaces), or his skin tone in general. So after repainting the skin in a more suitable shade of sickly green, I tried to employ other means adding a bit of detail and interest. First, I let his head sprout a couple of antlerlike branches with tin leaves. I like it, because it's a pretty surreal concept. Just this was not enough, as the chest area was the biggest problem. After trying out some other stuff, I eventually just hung a bell around his neck- and that solved the problem.

And here's a group shot of the three done so far:

*   *   *

Several parcels of goodies have arrived to my address this week, including a small order from Victoria Miniatures. I ordered the awesomly grotesque and quite amusing Labyrintus Fairies, and along with them these white metal goggles:

 I am very, very pleased with these. In fact, as soon as I unpacked the goggles, I installed them on the Plague Doctor and the Nurse. I think it considerably improved their faces:

Now I'll have to restrain myself from putting goggles on everything... 

And just this afternoon I picked up a pair of the new Citadel Technical paints: Typhus Corrosion and Agrellan Earth. Can't wait to try them out. Especially the latter, since it seems like a crackle effect paint that actually works.


  1. Nice changes you've made there Ana! And enjoy those Labyrintus fairies, they seem right up your alley.


  2. The addition of goggles was a great touch, now just try not to put them on your Bell-Ringers. These Fairies look twisted, I like them a lot. I'm going to get a pot of Typhus Corrosion and Nurgle Rot for swamp effects this Friday from a GW store. I've already tested Blood for the Blood God (best blood effect available imho) and Nihilakh Oxide )also an excellent paint to add weathering effects to bronze parts. I've read some negative reviews of Agrellan Earth and read somewhere you can get a better result by mixing any paint with crackle medium. I'll have to test it someday. Still, I look forward to seeing how you incorporate these two into your paintjobs.

    1. Heh, I'll try my best. : )

      I have yet to try Blood for the Blood God and Nihilakh Oxide. The former has never even arrived to my local store (though the rest of the new range of paints has ), so I can't get it yet. : /
      As for the rest: I don't think I'll ever be getting drybrush rust and green goo, unless a specific need for them arizes in the future.

  3. Lordy, how have I not come across this blog before? Fantastic work, and I love the macabre aesthetic and the medieval references.

    Consider me subscribed.

  4. Great work on updating those earlier beasties, and the googles really add character to the Doctor and co....