Saturday, 4 January 2014

XLVI. The Third Bell-Ringer

And here we go: my first mini in 2014. Another footsoldier of Hades:

Just as the others, he is a converted plastic Plaguebearer. I replaced the daemonic sword with a wooden club I sculpted. Added a rope around his waist, with several jingle bells on it. The hairy neck was built up with green stuff, and the face is a GW beastman skull. The horns are spikes from VC Corpse Cart.


I did some more changes on the first bell-ringer: added the ribbons hanging from his horns and changed the colour of his intestines to black. 
This happens to me a lot. When I work on a faction my idea and vision of it evolves as I slowly get through models, so the ones I make at the beginning often get updated at some point later.


  1. Creepy and awesome, as always :) His long hairy neck makes him look grotesque. I also really like the way you painted his horns, did you use crackle medium there? And one more question - do you plan to used them for Malifaux?

    1. Thank you!

      No, the crackled effect was painted by hand. I wish I had proper crackle medium, though...

      And to the second question the answer is again no. I do not plan on using them for Malifaux as such. The games I'll (hopefully some day) be playing with all these miniatures will use a bit modified Malifaux 1.5 rules.The stats for the models will be either modified stats of Malifaux models for some, or written from scratch for others.
      For instance, the Countess crew's rules are based on Kirai, but I dropped some of their abilities and added others. There is no equivalent of Datsue-ba, but some of her abilities can be found on the Countess. The movement tricks are still here, but she has separate summoning spells for different spirits, etc.

      I'm pretty sure the rules for these bell-ringers will be written from scratch.

      We (my brother and I) haven't yet got far with converting the rules. When they are finished I expect we'll play a few single encounters to try them out, and then start an elaborate campaign. I'll explain everything in due time.
      We'll see how it works out. : )

  2. With the way inspiration works I think it makes good sense to always be willing to go back and tweak things you've already done. In more extreme cases people end up either repainting or rebuilding models, and I can see nothing wrong with that either.

    Great work, as always.

    1. Thanks Varangian! : )

      You're absoultely right. Tons of times have I torn apart an old painted model for parts. And to think of the transformations some of my figs have gone through in their lifetimes... If a mini just lies in a box unseen and unused, even if it's well painted, why wouldn't one tear its head or arm off if that would make a new conversion more awesome?

  3. Much of the time, one finds new idea, techniques and methods to apply paint, schemes and effects later on down the line. So going back and adding/changing things on old models is perfectly fine.

    A disturbing model that fits in perfectly with all the others you've since done. Excellent stuff.

  4. I am completely enamored with your style - it reminds me of Edward Gorey. Very hard to pull off in miniature form....

  5. Great stuff as always! The black intestines reinforce the eerie, sickly vibe to them. Perfect!
    While I've yet to try Malifaux (though I've heard great things) I also think these beasties would make a great Mordheim warband.

  6. Thanks Dai, Jeff and Mattthew! : )

    @Mattthew: Sure, these guys could easily fit in the Warhammer world- as Nurgly Beastmen or Daemons.

  7. Your stuff really does give off Blanchitsu vibes very, very well