Thursday, 19 September 2013

XXXIV. Artwork

Unfortuantely I' m too busy with other stuff to be working on new GoH miniatures at the moment, but I found a bit of time to scan my latest attempts at stat card artwork. 

Crimson Sphynx. I pretty much ripped off the pose from Santiago Caruso's artwork which was the inspiration for the model in the first place.

Ravenous Bloodfiend. I took a lot of liberty with that one. It's as if the artist who painted it never really encountered this spirit, but rather imagined it from accounts of those who had seen it.

Gheists. To avoid it looking dull I depicted not one but three of them, and added the "rain drops" to fill up the space.

The Plague Doctor. Done in a different style than the others, and on different kind of paper.

*   *   *


  1. Beautiful work on those stat cards. Loving the colours and textures :)
    Do you use watercolours? Acrylics?

    1. Thank you. : )
      These were all done in watercolour.

  2. Superb!
    I love the art, it has the feel of some of the line-art I have seen on some tarot sets.

  3. These are great! They add another dimension to your project.
    I agree with Stygianheart except the drawings remind me of the fantastic creatures depicted on medieval maps. Excellent work!

  4. Excellent work on the cards, I love the bloodfiend :)


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