Tuesday, 3 September 2013

XXXIII. Making Terrain III

The large Hanging Tree stood half-painted on my desk for a while. So I used my study-breaks throughout the last couple of days to finish it. 


The base is a CD covered with a layer of clay.

Three more wooden fences done:

And this little road sign. I painted the bird  to represent a hooded crow, which is the most common kind of crow in my parts. It's got a grey body with a black head, wings and tail.

Let's see what we've got so far:
  • 1 Citadel Wood
  • 2 Hanging Trees
  • 1 large Hanging Tree
  • 7 wooden fences
  • 1 large house
  • 1 chapel
  • 3 barrels
  • 1 crucifix
  • 1 road sign.

Not bad, I'd say. That's all from me for today, now it's back to studying.


  1. I love the aesthetics of your work.

    I have a couple of questions if you wouldn't mind helping out:
    Are the mushrooms on tree made or purchased?
    Where did you dig up the sign with the raven on it?


    1. Thanks Varangian. I'll gladly answer your questions.

      The mushrooms were homemade. Whenever I sculpt something I use leftover greenstuff to make mushroom caps. The stalks are just pins, or made of greenstuff if I want them thicker for larger mushrooms. The mushrooms you can see in the picture with the really tiny caps are just plain pins, with their heads representing caps and their bodies stalks. I coat them in liquid greenstuff before painting.

      As for the sign with bird, it comes from GW Nurgle Lord on Daemonic Mount: http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440108a&prodId=prod1710160a

      Mine is fortunately from the times before finecast.


  2. As always, very nice and atmospheric.

    What do you study?

    1. Ethnology/cultural anthropology and English. :)

  3. Very atmospheric trees! I really should try to make terrain but for some reason it always feels rather daunting. So good to see some cool stuff to inspire me :)

    1. Thanks Alexander! : )

      It might be difficult to start, but once you get going it becomes easier. Also, it's good to begin with smaller terrain to warm up and gradually progress towards bigger, more complicated things.

  4. I have just found this blog and am blown away by your modelling and painting prowess. Very dark and oozing character, which is just how I like it! On rare occasions wargaming terrain and miniatures can approach art and this is one of those instances.

    1. Thank you Gareth, and welcome to the Gardens! : )

  5. Your terrain looks amazing, love the bird on the sign, very ominious....


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