Sunday, 16 June 2013

XXIII. Trees

Just some works in progress this time.



I'm working on some forest terrain. First there's this Citadel Wood set I bought years ago but I'm painting now:

An this is my latest acquisition: the Malifaux Hanging Trees. They are a limited edition plastic set from last year's Gencon. When you look at the biggest one you can't help but think of the Tree of the Dead from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow:


The newest type of Countess' minions, inspired by Lovecraft's sonnet Night-Gaunts. These are the first two out of four in their early WIP stage of converting. I used Bloodletter bodies, VC skulls, the same wings as on the Crimson Sphynxes, and the soaring one has Ghoul hands for feet. They still need some sort of horns and tails added, as well as gap filling:

*   *   *

The second issue of Figure Painter Magazine is here!

"Figure Painter Magazine Issue 2 is a whopping 72 page miniature bonanza! In this issue we have a fantastic insight interview with Chris Clayton, aka GiganticDark! We also have tutorials from Barry Ford and Jaroslaw "Camelson" Drabek. Part 2 of the Malifaux Gameboard build. We also have reviews, show reports, Whats on the market and much, much more."


  1. The Nightgaunts are fantabulous - really clever conversions!

    Those malifaux trees are outstanding - are they available online?

  2. Thanks Jeff!

    The Hanging Trees were available exclusively during last year's Gencon and a few were dealt out as prizes after that. You might just find a copy on ebay or ask around Wyrd forum if anyone is willing to sell theirs. But the price of the set is quite steep; their original price was 80$, and since it is a limited edition item people might now ask for even more.
    I was lucky enough to get mine for 50$ from a clubmate who won it in a painting competition on Wamp forum.

  3. I can't wait to see those nightgaunts finished up. They are AWESOME! You just gained a reader.

    1. Thanks! The first 'gaunt is finished, but he's waiting for his friend to join him before appearing on the blog. :D