Thursday, 6 June 2013

XXII. The Countess Battle-Ready

The Countess has got her warpaint on and is ready for action:

Her tall dark minion too. Now I need to search the bits stores for matherial to make more. A pair of them would look neat standing behind the Countess like silent and sinister bodyguards:


  1. She looks like an evil one. I really like the paintjob, very nice choice of different shades of bright and pale colors.

  2. Wow, great stuff. I really like how her skin came out. Question: what colors did you use to achieve the different shades of white on her dress?

  3. Wow, astonishing paintjob.

    I also very much like the hounds in the first pic. I've also built some conversions out of these and the Confrontation Cerberus you also used (I really should put pictures up on my blog in the coming days). Those Confro models were insanely beautiful.

  4. The Countess looks perfectly sinister! I'm with Gary, I'd like to know what colors you used on her gown.

  5. That's really amazing... I love it!
    The Countess is gorgeous and the hounds and ghost dude are awesome, too.

    Can't get enough of your work :)

  6. Thanks everybody! :)

    The dress recipe: The entire thing was basecoated with Citadel Rakarth Flesh and then washed with a diluted Rakarth Flesh + Vallejo Black mix. The first several layers of highlighs are Rakarth Flesh + Vallejo Off White, and on the darkest sections of the dress it stops there. The rest goes nearly up to pure Off White. The lightest, frilly parts have final highlights done in Vallejo Dead White. I finished it off with Citadel Agrax Earthshade, but I didn't apply it as a wash. I used it for lining in with a small brush between different sections of the dress.

  7. Really fantastic!

    I love your stuff :)



  8. Unholy, dark and evil.. oh yes lets not forget, beautiful..

  9. Wow, she looks like a creepy gothic version of ventress from the Clone Wars....

    The dressed up skull looks creepy too...