Friday, 22 February 2013

XIV. The Assistant

Converted yesterday evening and painted this morning - the Assistant:

It started as Wyrd's Sebastian, Morgue Assistant. He just needed an anti-miasmic mask and a red cross armband. The fellow sure makes one hell of a mess with that bone saw...   


  1. I really like the aesthetics of your minis, the sort of remind of a zombie invasion film that was never released but had pretty awesome trailers ("Worst Case Scenario").

    1. Thanks! And wow, thanks for telling me about those, the trailers are badass! I especially love the flying zombies hanging from hot air baloons, very interesting concept. And the mood and atmosphere are perfect...
      Shame it never got finished back then due to lack of funding. Perhaps they should try kickstarter.

  2. Nice model, wouldn't want to mess with that saw either....