Thursday, 13 February 2020

CCLI. Fabula: Rules System for Narrative Tabletop Skirmish V1.2.

You can now download the updated version of the rules here: Fabula V1.2. The updates since V1.1. include alternating activation mode and an appendix with a guide for deciding TNs for Checks. Also, page numbers were messed up in the previous version, so that is now fixed as well.
Thanks to our playtesters and everyone else who gave us feedback so far! 

Additionally, we have started a Facebook group for discussions about the rules system and sharing related content. You can join it here: LINK.

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For the past couple weeks I've been busy behind the scenes with activities unrelated with Sunhold: the First Triumvirate, but my friends on the project have made some progress. @Lazaraie showed off WIPs of his Sect of Abundance (LINK),  @dark_isles is working on a group called the Gravekin (LINK), @nic_the_evans made the King in Chains, who is the central figure of his warband (LINK), and @ingrimmson has another delightful WIP from his own warband (LINK). 
Follow #aos28sunhold and the artists themselves for future updates.


  1. This document is terrific! It's rule-light enough to be easy to understand and GM, but involved enough that people can make characters.
    My only concern though is, how do you make sure that warbands are "balanced" against each other, in a general sense? Is there any limitation for how to make a band in general, other than gut feeling?

    1. Thank you! No, in the rules right now there is no limitation how to make a warband in general.

    2. In my experience, gut feeling is actually a much better way to ensure things are balanced than points values etc.