Thursday, 21 March 2019

CCXIII. Demonic Snail Critter

Kickstarter update: the campaign is doing really well. Many thanks to all backers! A demonic snail, stretch goal at 6500CA$, is now unlocked. Just finished sculpting it yesterday. It's available as a 5 dollar add on. Still 21 days to go.

The ruler is marked in inches.


Size comparison with a couple other demons. They fit on 25mm slotta bases.

It's a concept from a few years ago, when I made a similar snail demon conversion. With my current skills I was now able revisit the idea and sculpt the entire creature from scratch. Working on its skin texture was especially enjoyable. I used white and standard Milliput for bulking out the shapes, and green stuff + Milliput hybrid for most of the detail work.


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