Friday, 28 December 2018

200. Gelida: the Frozen Expanse


Gelida: the Frozen Expanse is a 40K/Inq28 group project started by Cody Taylor aka Magos Buer. Gelida is a frozen planet, inhabitable only around its equator. Humans have resorted to utilizing mechs and exosuits to traverse the world for resources. I'm contributing with this mech and pilot:

The mech is an old metal Killa Kan with some changes to tone down the 'orkyness' and make him suitable to represent an Imperial walker. The pilot is slightly converted Steel Legion guardsman. The snow was done using DAS, PVA, plaster and paint.

Inspiration for my models comes mostly from Jakub Rozalski's artwork - most known for illustrating the popular board game Scythe. I don't normally dig the feel of digital art, but this is an exception. The atmosphere the artist creates is highly immersive.

Artwork by Jakub Rozalski.

And this was the last blog post of 2018. It was another fantastic hobby year in the Gardens; thank you all for reading and commenting. See you next year. I'll leave you with some more snowy scenic shots:


  1. This is spot-on. Thank you for the many fabulous projects and evocative content throughout the year, I think of you as a bit of a Renaissance hobbyist/artist, amazingly versatile. One of my favorite blogs!

  2. Wish you a Happy New year! Best wishes from Berlin, Viktor

  3. Another magical work. Thanks so much. Even more small and large masterpieces in the New Year! 8)))

  4. Absolutely great, I love the results here.
    Happy 2019!!

  5. Very cool (pun not intended). The pilot looks shorter than usual for Steel Legion. Is it just the context with the walker, the snow over his boots, and such, or is it actually a smaller Model?

    A couple of the pictures with the falling snow (particularly the fourth from last and the last one) remind me of Harald Wiberg's paintings for The Tomten.

    1. Thanks! :) I have a couple more Steel Legion minis and they're all this size. Must be the context.
      Had to google Harald Wiberg's Tomten art - yeah, with all the snow and similar colours I can see why they popped into your head.

  6. When I first saw the work in progress build of your guardsman and mech I just knew it was going to be based on Rozalski's art without reading a word.

    And your finished painted piece does not disappoint. Absolutely wonderful, you've taken that inspiration and brought it to life!

  7. Happy New Year, and congratulations on a great 2018 of blogging. And I ordered your playing cards for myself for Christmas!

    I love them.

  8. When I saw it, the first thing I thought of was Scythe! And that first photo looks just like a painting: lovely stuff.

  9. Brrrr... that looks fantastically chilly. Glad I found your blog this year... it's wonderful. Best wishes for 2019 from Somerset, England.

  10. This is a thing of beauty! All the best in 2019!

  11. When I saw this as a thumbnail I really thought it was a Rozalski painting, so I guess it worked pretty well! Outstanding work :)

  12. Fantastic work again, Ana! How did you fight the itch to paint a scuffed red star onto that converted Killakan, though? ;)

    Very much looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic work in 2019! :)


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