Monday, 17 September 2018

CLXXXVI. Inq28: Inquisitor Morbray

Inquisitrix Rosanda Morbray, Ordo Hereticus. Second model for the inquisitorial warband project I discussed in my last post.

Conversion and painting once more based on John Blanche's artwork. That one:

Artwork by John Blanche.

The main donor for the conversion was Inquisitor Greyfax. I actually left out a bunch of parts, including the weapon, backpack, shoulder pads... The original head needed a heavy makeover with putty in order to change the hat's shape, add long hair and the veil. The pistol arm came from an Escher, but the pistol itself had to be hybridized with an Empire one to get this look.

And I thought Vygotsky was tall... Rosanda is a frickin' amazon! The heels are only partly to blame.


  1. As I said on FB: This is such a great Inquisitor! I can't wait to see more of this warband.

  2. Wow - that is spot on to the artwork! O_o

    Love her.

  3. I'm really impressed with how well she fits with her henchman. I especially like that she's tall enough that she still looks like an appropriately imposing figure, even next to her bulky bodyguard.

  4. You really nailed the palette, fantastic work.

  5. Looks like you've found an excellent match for the Vostroyan in JB's artwork -- and the model is yet another wonderful homage to the sketch that inspired it, of course.

    I am normally not a big fan of veiled models, but you can get away with it because the overall look is so cool and so close to the artwork! Lovely reds, in particular!

    1. Thank you! :)

      You recently made your case against veils in your Rogue Trader review. I gotta say I don't share your aversion to them. They definitely have their place.

    2. Hm, I'd argue that, yes, they do have your place -- just not on a centre piece character, normally ;)

      But then your Inquisitor seems like a far better execution of the concept - and, by extension, JB's art - than the Rogue Trader. But yeah, ultimately it obviously comes down to personal preference.

      Still, fantastic work! :)

  6. Another excellent Blanche adaptation! I might have to borrow the dots on the veil for Elucia Vhane to see if I can get her to work better without a head swap.

  7. Brilliant. Loving what you are doing with this warband so far. Can't wait to see more :)