Wednesday, 2 May 2018

CLXXII. Legen: Pygmy Giant

Nerod's marauding herd got a new member: Slonus, a rather stunted specimen of the Gargant race.

Slonus' body donor was the Goblin King figure from Heroclix. Larger than the GW iterations, it's prepainted and made of bendy plastic material, but the mini is bulky enough for that not to be an issue. I replaced the head and right hand with plastic Citadel giant bits, patched up some parts, and sculpted more texture on his clothes (such as they are...).

He's much shorter than Nerod, but still has plenty of mass, an impressive goitre and a real mean attitude...


  1. Wow, that is really great, and the smaller size means that he can be used in more games, where as the bigger guy is either too dominating or requires too large of an apposing force.

    The pose you have achieved is excellent too, casual, but you could see him springing in to action (well, more like waddling).

  2. Small but vicious d... Gigant!

    Great scuplt/conversion. :)

  3. Another outstanding conversion!

  4. That's pretty impressive!

  5. You could do a Giant Dwarf for him to fight ;)

    1. Haha, that would be a sight to behold! I think there's a cool story hiding in there, might be worth thinking about it further.

  6. He looks like the kind of child-brained idiot type, who'd see cruel treatment of his targets as giggly-fun.

    Love this fellow Ana!

  7. Great work as always! Really cool idea using a heroclix model for this conversion :)


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