Friday, 26 January 2018

CLVI. Mirrogoi Deathrattle: Koschei

Koschei is a Lich from the necropolis of Mirrogoi. It is a cursed land of the dead, standing on the isle Erebos and inhabited by Nagash-devoted wights. 
Since the necromancers of Turm turned their back on their true god, there has been a lot of bad blood between them and the Mirrogoian dead. Their idolatry is an insult to Nagash...

This artwork by Keith Thompson is what inspired me to make the miniature: LICHE. Love the design, especially the oddly shaped, trepanned head. If you're not familiar with Thompson's work, do yourself a favour and browse his website. Make sure you read the little stories attached to each piece of artwork; they are just as awesome. I constantly wish to know more about the worlds in which they belong.

I had a spare Yan Lo from Malifaux. This was an excellent base for Koschei. A few sartorial interventions were necessary, to change the decidedly far eastern flavour of the robes into something more ambiguous. The head was replaced by the one I removed from my Sepulchral Warden. I also added skeletal feet peeking out, like in the Thompson artwork. Got rid of beads that decorated Yan Lo's wrists, and cut off the top of the khakkhara. I was stumped for a while about what to put in place of the latter, but after some rummaging through bits I found one of Hexwraiths' tiny pots of fire. 

The Lich with an unconverted Yan Lo.

My plans for expanding the warband include a Wight King, and possibly another, similar Lich. There is this really cool kit that's come out for Malifaux: the Bone Piles; and I can see them fitting in here. I'm getting ideas to get another set of Sepulchral Guard, to see how well I can convert them to look nothing like the ones I already have. But I don't know when all this will get on the agenda again. After the final instalment of Monstrous Births reports, it will be time to shift focus on Legen again. A lot of work ahead.


  1. Another absolutely wonderful addition to the world you're building! <3

  2. Fantastic conversion! I really like the position of the body in which you set the model. Great painting!

  3. Truly a thing of undying beauty ;)