Wednesday 4 October 2017

CXLII. Tor Megiddo - Final Preparations

Only a few days left till the game. The warband has been done for months, but there were still some extra bits to craft before I board my plane for the cold north.

Crash Pods

I wasn't going to have any vehicles from the start. Then only last week I got this fun idea of an alternative mode of transport for my troops.

My technobarbarian tribe, the New Transhumans, is in possession of super sized primitive cannons, which they use to quickly drop a squad of their toughest warriors straight where the fight is. The remainder of their force follows on the ground, setting out on trucks and beasts. They come later to the party, but able to carry the loot and roll the empty pods back home. 

The warlord rides in the big one, while the warriors must squeeze into the smaller ones in pairs.

They are styrofoam balls on 50mm lipped bases. I used copies of my sculpted shields for doors on the two smaller pods, and sculpted a bigger face for the Warlord's pod. I didn't have much time left, so I aimed to finish them as quick as possible. Simple build, black undercoat, rust, pigments and one extreme highlight on the doors. 


Stat Cards

I'm used to having cards for my characters in any game I play. They are useful and can look great with some effort.

For the backs of the cards I photographed each warrior (a sandy desert background would have been more suitable, I do admit; but I didn't have one around). I made the cards in Photoshop and then had them printed to size.

The stats were written out in the most fitting 40k-ish fonts I could find. Originally I planned to coffee-stain the cards, but then I ended up having them printed on paper with a semi-glossy finish, so I dropped that plan and left them clean. Each side was printed separately, then cut and glued back-to back, with a layer of heavy paper in between. The only weathering I did was distressing the edges with a file.


Tor Megiddo Codex 


The Codex PDF for the event was written by Alexander Winberg. I had it printed and then cut and pasted it into book shape, in order to have a physical copy.

 *   *   *

That's it, I'm all set. Next you hear from me will be in a report of the battle of Tor Megiddo.


The land shakes beneath the fury of the storm.
The sand is drenched in blood and oil.
Most holy Promethium, it fills our veins with wrath.
Ride forth warlord! Blessed by the Cog and the Bolt!
Wage war in the sun!
Can you hear the engines starting?
Can you feel the boiling blood?
Can you see the storm approaching?
War in the sun


  1. Fantastic project and your work rocks!
    What a perfect atmoshere :)

  2. It's these little additional touches (and the huge effort that goes into them) that make a good game into a great game! I'm gutted I won't be able to make it. Have a blast Ana!

  3. I imagine your warriors going to the battle like the Baron of Munchausen flying out from Vienna. Very funny!

  4. Very cool! Good luck in the game!

  5. I love the 'triple B' for Hobotnik. Inspiring work.

  6. I honestly couldn't tell they were made from Styrofoam based on the realistic paint job you achieved! :)

    1. Thank you! I liked the very mild grainy texture styrofoam had, so I didn't bother to sand it down to complete smoothness before painting. In the end I was very satisfied with how subtle it is, while still making the surface more interesting at closer inspection.


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