Saturday 19 August 2017

CXXXVII. Wodewose

The frame for my wose sculpt is done, and now I can call the piece finished.

In regard to sculpting, my next goal will be a tad smaller, better proportioned and differently posed wose. When I manage to get that right, I think I'll make a whole group of them, with different weapons, shields and beard styles...


  1. Love it! Really well done Ana :)

  2. That really does look impressive. Beautifully weathered!

  3. Wow, that frame is a killer.
    "Wächter des Waldes" – sprechen Sie deutsch, Frau Polanscak?

    1. Thanks. Nein. :D Though I wish I did; the more languages one knows the better. They tried teaching me in elementary school, but I was not interested back then. Perhaps I ought to try again...

  4. The Diorama work you do is just one of the many things that set you and your blog apart from a lot of the other hobbyists out there and one of the many reasons I keep checking in on this blog. :)


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