Thursday, 2 March 2017

CXVIII. The Cult of Vvolos: Okko, a Lesser Daemon

Back to the Cult. Vvolos bestows special knowledge on his more powerful cultists. One kind of thing they are given is mastery over some of Vvolos' daemonic underlings. The yellow-robed sorcerers know how to summon certain daemons. If the complicated rite is done correctly the summoned daemon must obey the summoner and aid them in their tasks. Daemons do not enjoy this, and will gladly turn on their controller if they are not careful enough and somehow botch the summoning and binding ritual. Messing with these otherworldly creatures of Chaos comes at a cost.


I wanted the figure to evoke medieval and renaissance depictions of devils. Next one may end up with a second face on his belly or arse...


It was originally a Goblin from the Hobbit miniatures game. Gave hime Plaguebearer arm with a pitchfork from the plastic GW Giant kit. Sculpted the face with green stuff.
A later stage. Wings are heavy paper soaked in PVA and covered with liquid green stuff. The beard is static grass and tiny tree roots + PVA.
Right before painting.When the painting was done I added bits of real bird feather to the wings.You can see this detail in all the finished pics.
Okko and Ikorid.


  1. What a climate! what a dark aura! love it!

  2. You've outdone yourself, Ana. The mini and background are both insanely goon.

  3. What a charming, lovable lesser demon! :)

  4. I can only quote the great BOMOOHN on that One:
    "Wuzza Wuzza!"

  5. Too awesome, really wonderful work.

  6. Thank you all very much, guys! :)

  7. Wonderful figure, and pictures, very atmospheric!

  8. That guy must have the deepest voice... O_o

    Love the work! Very medieval feel like you've described.


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