Tuesday, 16 August 2016

CVI. The Wilderness Project vol.5


The chapel I mentioned earlier is is finally in progress. I'm building it from scratch, and it is my largest and most complex attempt at a scenery piece so far.

My coloured sketch. However, the building is actually based on an illustration by Paul Bonner.
It's just awesome. I've had a desire to build this for a while, but I could find no purpose for it. Now it will get built, although in adapted form. I have to get away from the Scandinavian aesthetics of it and add details that will identify it as a sacral structure dedicated to St. Hubertus, patron of hunters. Since I'm not recreating the illustration "to the letter", I didn't bother to get all the proportions right.   
The base: two layers of polystyrene.
After adding more refinement and detail to the base, I built the rough shape of the tower and entrance.
Ground floor takes shape around the tower. It's balsa wood. I glued the wall planks before moving on to the roof because it would get in the way.
The part of the roof that protrudes horizontally was next. Every plank placed individually.
Skeleton of the roof. Since it won't be visible at all when I'm done, I didn't bother to make it pretty.
Some plaster+PVA+paint applied on top of the roof planks to fill holes in between (as well as to some other areas). The first layer of the roof is masking tape. Roof tiles will later go on top. So many roof tiles...
View from a lower angle.
This is a decorative carving of a wose head. I sculpted it from air-drying clay and cast copies in plaster. It's not as good as I hoped it would be, but it works.
Again, the roof was left off from this part because it would get in the way when building and painting the side entrance. I made the door from balsa, plasticard and pins. Glued the decorative head carvings in place on either side of the door.
The side door, mostly painted. I can finish it later. Now I can  add roof over it.
The current state. More updates will follow as I proceed.

All comments, questions, critiques and ideas are much appreciated.


  1. It looks excellent so far. If the painted door is anything to go by, this will be a great terrain piece. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished version!

  2. I've no doubt this will be a looker of a terrain piece and a wonderful addition to your games!

  3. Absolutely fantastic, your work constantly amazes and inspires.

  4. Very nice! Those planks must have been a fiddle. I'm sure your painting will make it all the more amazing too!

  5. Very cool, love what you've done so far and can't wait to see more!

  6. Looking good Ana. Love the details like the Wose face.

    Cant wait to see the finished result!

  7. Really love your sketch and the WIP thus far. Looks like you're about to outdo yourself yet again. :D

  8. This is already looking amazing. Very inspirational :)

  9. wow, wow . . . . wow.

    so looking forward to seeing this WIP.

  10. Oh yes, this is already looking lovely! I will be watching this progress with a great deal of pleasure!

  11. Impresisve work here, this is going to look spectacular

  12. There really is no one like you in this hobbyverse, so unique, such vision!

  13. Really amazing! You have such a distinct style in all of your works, it's really refreshing! It really catches a special atmosphere that makes the mind wander into this 'world'. Thanks for showing!

  14. Thank you all very much for your comments! :)

  15. Just simply blown away. You are always such an amazing inspiration. This will be very handy when I start on my own terrain.


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