Sunday, 27 April 2014

LX. Flying Pests and a Bell-head

Accepting the fact I will never see the 15mm fairy swarms I ordered, I started looking for replacements. I was just beginning to contemplate sculpting them myself from scratch (not quite sure I can pull that off), when the new release by GW reminded me that Wood Elf core units often come with a number of little forest critters on their sprues - extra bits for decorating bases. Some of those looked acceptable as they were, others seemed they would do, but with slight modification. I inquired among the WHFB  players in my club, and the very next day I had a dozen or so of these sprites in my paws. 
I got to work right away, anxious to see how they would look. These are the first three:


Because they are small, the bases looked sort of desolate with just them on. So I added a number of tiny wisps flying about to fill the space a bit. Even if it is not clear what they are, they do solve the problem - so I think they are staying. What do you think?

*   *   *

As a break from this fairy madness, I returned to the filthy Troglodytes. The last three Workers are yet to get a weapon swap, but I am making great progress on the big warrior hero (still not settled on the name for him). A plastic plaguebearer was a perfect starting point because it is about the right size and he sports the same kind of gruesome flesh deformities that can be found on other Troglodytes.

The brute with his gang.

I added Tzeentch Horror arms - they reach to the floor and make him look all ape-like. As a weapon he wealds a freakishly long thigh-bone, which probably used to belong to some curious, unknown cave beast. And then we get to the head and the question of why he is wearing a bell for a helmet. 
First, the backstory explanation: 
As I mentioned in earlier posts, Troglodytes really like objects made of metal because they can't craft them themselves. Metal is a status symbol, so it's common to see it dangling from the more influential and prestigious members of the Troglodyte species. And it's not just that; this particular bell has spiritual properties and is a war trophy. A raiding party led by its wearer ransacked a village, and he took the bell from the collapsed belltower of a church they burned in the process. Slaying the brute and retrieving the bell will make a fine scenario for the campaign.  
Now, why he really has a bell on his head:
It was either this, or sculpting his entire ugly mug. This was the easy way out, and I have to say I'm glad I took it. It's an unusual concept, and, most importantly, it looks good (to me, at least). I made sure there were some holes in the bell so he can see where he's going. I'm also pleased with how dynamic his pose came out.

His backside.

Now I just have to sculpt what makes him a "he", and add proper, more human-like toes on his feet. Then he's ready for the brush. I'd love to hear your opinions before I start painting.
It just occured to me that he would make a fine Nurgle Herald with a suitable paintjob. It all fits - even the three holes on the bell can be interpreted as Nurgle's symbol. :D


  1. Wonderful stuff Ana.

    I am so glad you took the easy way out too. That bell makes him look even more menacing. Adds a little mystery as well.
    Keep up the horrifying work.


  2. Great looking pieces, Ana! Really characterful. I'm particularly fond of Bell Head. I love how he's trudging forwards, his arms swinging in front give an almost regal strut. Excellent!

    1. Thanks, Jordan! I'm really fond of that mini, too. Can't wait to paint him. :)

  3. Very nice minis again!

    The bell is an excellent touch, where did you get it from? Is it an actual bell?
    One minor thing: I'd be interested to see the bell-bearer with a right hand that isn't closed to a fist but open. Knowing the Horror hands, though, it might be difficult to find a hand that looks human enough for this...

    1. Thanks, Jimmy! : )

      Darn, I knew I had forgotten something... It's an actual bell. I bought a bunch of them dirt-cheap from an e-bay China shop some time ago. I'll throw in some pictures of them next to the pics of painted Bell-head once he's done.

      I think I might have some more or less normal open Horror hands. I'll put together a mockup to see if it looks better.

  4. The faeries are tops! Have you seen the ones that come with the new treeman? The three-eyed owl would fit in quite well with these chaps...

    1. Thanks, Jeff!
      Seen them, and they look most interesting. Especially the owl you mentioned, and those that look like flying stag beetles. I love stag beetles.
      Now I just have to wait for them to appear in bits stores.

  5. Hopefully your AWOL fairies arrive at some point. They'd complement these nicely.

    How can anyone not like a troglodyte with a bell on his noggin? Great Idea.

  6. I keep wanting to get some of those sprites from a bits company to go with a fairy from reaper I have =) that bell head character is fantastic! it may have been more a design than character choice to begin with but its a brilliant one!

  7. I know you have been nominated before, but for the record: You have just been Liebstered

    1. Danke schön! :)

      Had I known you would be back from the dead only 9 days later, I would have nominated you. I'm glad someone else did it now; your blog deserves way more attention than it currently gets.

  8. Interesting concept of using a bell for a helmet, I just hope he removed the clanger.... I also expect he's quite deaf now as well as I expect he's seen plenty of action and been hit in the head quite often LOL