Sunday, 5 May 2013

XIX. Hound, Fiend, Cavalry

A couple of new additions to my slowly growing collection of finished minions. This update increases the number of my Hounds to four and my Bloodfiends to five. I don't think I'll be making any more of either of them any time soon.

Hecatian Hound IV. - another one based on an old Chaos Hound; swapped the head and resculpted the neck.

Bloodfiend V. - it looks pretty cool from this angle; gave this one an open mouth to add variety.

On to my latest acquisition, OOP Confrontation Scavengers of Acheron. I've always wanted to have those guys; their mounts are the best looking undead horses out there. I intend to turn them into the other three Horse-men of Hades:

...but not just yet. This is what's next on the list:

(illustration by William Blake)

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