Tuesday, 22 January 2013

IX. Morbid Homunculus

Deformed and crippled, violent and just plain nasty. The hideous creature was grown by the Doctor from a single human tooth. It may be of diminutive size and a bit lacking in the arm department (they never developed properly, they're just a couple of little stumps), but it can bite and it can headbutt. The Homunculus shows cruelty towards all living things and posesses near human intelligence.

This was a very simple one. The hardest part was shaving off the Night Goblin's shield, head and spear. Then it just needed some greenstuffing and a Flagellant head. I like that head. It's a good head. And the paintjob was simple and quick.

Homunculi in sixteenth century alchemy refer to miniature humans created by alchemists, usually out of human semen. Paracelsus and others give in their writings descriptions of alchemical procedures for making the little buggers. 'Homunculus' is Latin for 'little man', and there's another word of the same meaning, only Greek: 'anthroparion'.   

List of Plague Doctor's Retinue models and what they represent in Malifaux:

The Plague Doctor - Dr. Douglas McMourning
The Assistant - Sebastian
The Nurse - Nurse
Morbid Homunculus - Zombie Chihuahua
Hecatian Hounds - Canine Remains
Flesh Abominations - Flesh Constructs
Cerberus - Rogue Necromancy

The metal


  1. I really like this little guy, but then again I'm biased...

    I've been playing around with night goblin and flagellant parts too: (Scroll down).

    The parts do make for really interesting conversions.

    I must say I love your paint-job on this guy, in particular the skin looks really, really good.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. :) Yes, these are very nice bits for conversions. I like what you did with yours.

  2. Man, such a simple conversion, yet so very creepy, excellent work.