Saturday, 26 August 2017

CXXXIX. The Bark Fiend

My latest endeavour. I'm churning things out quite rapidly these days... I guess August is compensating for the complete silence that was July. Made the fellow primarily for use with my Malifaux Zoraida crew (as Mysterious Emissary), but I reckon it will see the table as a witch's construct in the Gardens setting and as some sort of creature in Frostgrave, as well.

The Bark Fiend. In the Gardens setting it's a lankier cousin of the Moss Monster, both being magically animated constructs built by witches out of decaying plant material and animal bones.


The original model.

The carnivorous vegetation and changelings that are meant to be a part of Emissary's base did not have a place here. I fixed a horse skull from GW Black Knights kit on top of the original head like a mask (this involved some filing). The jaw bone was split in two and hung on the creature's chest like grim ornaments. Next, it needed antlers - sizable ones, but not as impressive as Moss Monster's. I knew I wouldn't be placing much moss on this one, so I reckoned it could use some Milliput fungi on the limbs to provide extra detail. Converting was done in an evening, and painting the morning after.
Just like the Moss Monster/Bad Juju was based on the Ancient Leshen from The Witcher 3 videogame, the Bark Fiend was made to resemble a 'regular' Leshen, to some degree. The Mysterious Emissary model's physique is much more akin to the source material than Bad Juju's hulking frame. What I dislike about the Leshen design in the game is the cloth skirt they wear. I purposefully left that out.   
Happy Tree Friends


  1. I am still amazed by every single one of your miniatures, the attention to detail and the thoughts that go into these make them really special.

  2. Wow, this is just wonderful. You continually amaze me.

  3. Stunning work as always :)
    Although it started out as a somewhat cartoony creepy miniature, your conversion work and painting really ramped that up into realism and brought it to life.

  4. damn man, those are really just creepy amazing!!!

  5. Nice and creepy creature!

    Would you explain how did you paint bone?

    1. Thanks! :)

      Certainly. The basecoat is Rakarth Flesh. This is followed by a brown wash, and then several highlights with quite thinned down Rakarth and Rakarth+White. If I go too bright I put another wash to tone it down and repeat the highlight more subtly. I think there is some Typhus Corrosion at places, to make it dirtier. Hope that helps.

  6. Wonderful, wonderful work. They look brilliant!

  7. Amazing! Incredible work! I love your blog!