Monday, 17 September 2018

CLXXXVI. Inq28: Inquisitor Morbray

Inquisitrix Rosanda Morbray, Ordo Hereticus. Second model for the inquisitorial warband project I discussed in my last post.

Conversion and painting once more based on John Blanche's artwork. That one:

Artwork by John Blanche.

The main donor for the conversion was Inquisitor Greyfax. I actually left out a bunch of parts, including the weapon, backpack, shoulder pads... The original head needed a heavy makeover with putty in order to change the hat's shape, add long hair and the veil. The pistol arm came from an Escher, but the pistol itself had to be hybridized with an Empire one to get this look.

And I thought Vygotsky was tall... Rosanda is a frickin' amazon! The heels are only partly to blame.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

CLXXXV. Inq28: Vygotsky

Never done a 40K inquisitor warband before. To be honest, never really felt the urge to do it. Not exactly sure why. Maybe because everyone and their mother is doing inquisitors. But now I'll need such a warband for an Inq28 game in Belgrade in November, so it's time to finally give it a try. Btw, the Belgrade event is open for anyone to apply, and if you're in the region and interested you can find the FB event here: LINK.

Given how much time I have for this project, I decided that it will be a small elite group. Also, I want each character to be unique; a different archetype. That way I can have fun and include a variety of visual elements I like from 40K. Coherence will come mostly from the colour scheme and unified painting style. I have no backstory for any of them yet. Will develop it as I work on them. Three members are sketched out so far. If I come up with more, cool. If I don't, these will do. Plus maybe a servo skull. I'll dedicate a separate post to each of them. This one is about the first of my inquisitorial henchmen: a Vostroyan Firstborn Guardsman.

 Vasily Vygotsky

Vostroyans are cool. I first encountered them in WD 317, one of the very few issues of White Dwarf I've ever purchased. Metal Vostroyan guardsmen were released then, and the magazine featured an article about them, complete with fluff and John Blanche's concept art. I remember that I liked them the minute I saw them. From the article, I learned that Vostroya is an inhospitable planet whose inhabitants are dedicated to manufacturing exquisite weaponry for the Emperor's armies. During the Horus Heresy, they refused to send their men to battle, reasoning that they would be of better use crafting weapons than using them. When the whole Heresy thing was over, this came to light; and in order to repay their perceived debt to the Emperor, it was decreed that for the next 10K years each Vostroyan family must enlist their first-born son into the Vostroyan regiments. The Vostroyans sport a unique, archaic look based on 18th century soldiers and Cossacks. 

The first model for my Inquisitorial retinue is a big fellow recruited by my Inquisitrix from Vostroyan ranks. The model was based on this piece of concept art:

© Games Workshop. Used without permission.
The bits came from various kits... Torso from Deathwatch Watch Master, Goliath legs, Skitarii radium carbine. I have no idea where the head came from. I sculpted the fur hat on top, and the shoulder pads

Then it came to painting. Originally I figured I'd just paint them my usual style... But then I thought: hell, this is full on Inq28. I may as well push this further. How about I make him look even more like the Blanche concept art he's based on?

So here we are. Emulating the style and palette was both fun and educational. It's messier than what I normally do. I really like the result! Even made him a matching background for photos. :) I'll do the rest of this warband the same way.

Friday, 31 August 2018

CLXXXIV. Corpse on a Stick and a Demon Sculpt

I have been homebrewing rules for my Folda warband, and that inspired me to paint something for them again. This grisly trophy is made up of remains of a yellow-robed cultist of Vvolos. Janos the Cannibal, an infamous ghoul witch hunter, likes to display these to strike fear into the hearts of worshippers and creatures of chaos that would threaten the kingdom.

I used a Chainrasp, brass rod, antlers from the Blightking kit, and putty. I'll make more of these, eventually. And a ghoul witch hunter who carries a stack of these and plants them around the battlefield.

*   *   *

Newest finished sculpt: a demon. I wanted to sculpt a beastman, but things took a turn and I ended up with this. What can I say, that's Chaos for you...

Monday, 20 August 2018

CLXXXIII. Kill Team: Necron Immortal and Second Deathmark

This Immortal is quite obviously suffering from a condition. The tendrils creeping from his thorax and abdomen are what can be most closely described as a type of necrodermis cancer. A disease of this kind may occur due to errors during regeneration of living metal Necron bodies are composed of. For now, even though it is already sizeable, the growth does not present a great hindrance. However, the abnormal necrodermis will continue to spread, eventually rendering this individual incapable of combat, and then finally of any movement whatsoever.

This model represents an Immortal armed with a tesla carbine. The weapon is grafted to his arm. The mini was constructed from Necron Destroyer torso and left arm, Necron Warrior legs, one of the multitude of weapon appendages from Belisarius Cawl, and a plain human skull for the head. The rest is all putty. Green Stuff, Milliput, and a new addition to my arsenal: Magic Sculpt (it's the light grey parts in the photo). Also, metal and glass beads for the bulk of the cancerous growth.


Deathmark number two. Very similar to the first one - same weapon, nearly the same head. This one's a noticeably curvier, though. 


That's four models done out of planned twelve, and 58/156 points worth.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

CLXXXII. Kill Team: Necrons

Everyone is talking about Kill Team these days. Been a while since my last delve into 40K (I don't think I've done anything since Tor Megiddo). For a while I've been thinking about messing with Necrons, so now's the opportunity. They're space undead, I like their fluff. But I'm not too fond of the models. Especially the more recent ones. My brother still had some minis from the time he wanted to build a Necron army, so I raided that for parts. I also have some really cool Mechanicus bits, like all the techy parts left over from the Techpriest and two Belisarius Cawls that were/will be made into fantasy minis.

Going for a more organic look on my metal men. Retrofuturistic looking weaponry. I'm using Beksinski and Giger art for inspiration. Necrons should be unsettling and alien.

A simple Necron Warrior. The first model I built for this. I replaced the head with a human skull, the weapon with a slightly modified Skitarii rifle. Love Skitarii weapon designs, so my gauss flayers and other Necron weaponry will look a bit different... 

Made him not too hunched forward. The squatting poses really annoy me on these models. They're supposed to be cold, soulless, fearless robots, relentlessly marching forward. They're represented much better in artwork. But anyway, despite that, I kept the legs as they were because I want the Warriors to be shorter than the Deathmarks and Immortals, and I intend to build most of them from Warrior parts. Did a few edits with putty, most notably on the torso and the back of the skull. Added texture with dremel, putty and liquid green stuff. When I started painting I had no idea where I was going. I painted until I settled on this.

Deathmark. I barely have anything but Warrior bits, so I'll be using those as base for most of the warband. Deathmarks are snipers, so I gave him the longer Skitarii rifle. Added a scope to communicate better that it's a sniper type of weapon. Straightened his legs, which made him appear taller than a Warrior. 

Used the Green Stuff World tentacle maker for the first time for the head tubes. I love it! The official Deathmarks have cyclops heads, so I went with weird faces on mine too. Covered eye sockets and drilled a hole in his forehead to represent that one eye.

There are only four unit types available in a Necron Kill Team, and they have virtually no equipment options to choose from. That actually makes it easier for me: I don't have to build extra models for various options, plus it's less confusing. A Warrior will always be armed with a gauss flayer, and a Deathmark with a synaptic disintegrator. Everyone just needs to be able to tell a Warrior apart from a Deathmark. I'm not sure what I'll do next, but my goal for the project is to end up with 3 Immortals, 2 Deathmarks, 4 Warriors and 3-4 Flayed.

Monday, 13 August 2018

CLXXXI. Legen: Sir Pelial and the Left-Handed Knight

*This story was meant to be published before the event, but due to unforeseen circumstances that became impossible. Now it can serve as a tribute to Don Manos. May he rest in peace. For now...

Don Manos was the second son of an influential lord. His martial prowess was considerable and he would have gained much renown, except for the fact that he was left-handed. Forced to wield a lance with his weaker right hand, he brought great shame to his family by ending last in a big jousting tournament.
Riddled by guilt and humiliation, he set off into the world on a quest to restore his honor by performing noble deeds. He was accompanied by a small group of retainers, most of whom died along the way. Only the squire Panchos remains, too stubborn to die and too loyal to abandon his master.
As time went by, Manos' mental and physical state kept worsening. No matter how many brigands he slew, how many nights he stood in vigil, how many people he saved, he could not remove the stain of shame. As years passed, he became increasingly unhinged and obsessed with hands, which brought him so much misfortune. He has taken up a disgusting habit of displaying the severed hands of his enemies. Even this has done little to soothe his troubled soul.
During his wanderings, Don Manos has heard rumors of a group of Gargants converging on a small village. Determined to protect the villagers from this onslaught, Manos knows this will likely be his final battle. He cares not. Redemption is at hand.

Sir Pelial of Turm and Don Manos met not long before the Battle of Dol. They both tracked down a Gargant, and wanted to test their strength against him. The knights agreed to join forces.

The Gargant Manson had heard of Nerod and his herd. It did not interest him much. He was perfectly fine where he was - he spent his time in the wilderness, occasionally coming down to the lowlands to take away a few pigs or a cow from farmers. This upset them, of course. They even sent some armed men to find him and kill him in the woods a few times. But they were obivously not trying that hard.

This time was different. As Manson walked up to a farm, a pair of mounted knights were waiting for him, their lances ready. They spurred ther horses and charged at the giant.

Surprised by their ferocity, Manson barely withstood the attacks. Their sticks broke, so they began swinging their swords and slashing at the giant's legs. 

One well-timed slash from Don Manos left the monster handless. Shocked and in pain, the Gargant took off, howling and clutching his stump. The knights and their warhorses were too exhausted to take pursuit, and Manson got away. 

Don Manos added the giant's hand to his collection of grisly trophies. It was so large that Panchos, his squire, could hoist it as a banner of sorts. The knights continued their journey together, and very soon they would fight side by side in the Battle of Dol.


Manson the giant ended up joining Nerod just so he could take revenge on the two knights. Unfortunately for him, he was the first giant to die during the Battle of Dol.

Don Manos fought Nerod himself, but did not survive. Panchos was killed by the Legen-King's Prophet, too, when he attempted to retrieve his fallen master's body. Manos' remains stayed in the village, as he was the only one with no retainers left alive to take them home. 

Sir Pelial was sad to see his new friend die. He made sure to send word to his family of his noble sacrifice. Sir Pelial's losses were not half as great. His hound fled during the battle and is nowhere to be found. The animated skeleton he had was destroyed by one of the Gargants, sadly beyond repair. The Aelf and Westott the Tracker both lived and decided to remain in Pelial's service. 

Pelial claimed the village of Dol for himself. The villagers are very cross with their lord for leaving them at the mercy of a horde of giants, so they quickly accepted one of their saviours as their new master. Vvolos was pleased. But there is a lot of work still ahead for Pelial. The Gargant carcasses littering the village must be cleared, the damaged cottages repaired, the evacuated peasants returned to their homes. And if he means to keep Dol as his property, he will have to defend it from its former owner. I'm glad my knight survived the fight and ended up where he is. There's a lot of potential for continuation of Sir Pelial's story, and I hope some day I will do just that. But now I'll let him rest for a while, as there are a few new and exciting projects I want to move on to.


Don Manos was my brother Ivan's knight for the Legen event. Ivan came up with the backstory and the design. I converted the models to his specifications.

The knight is an Empire knight on top of a Bretonnian horse. I had to switch the lance to his left hand and shield to the right. Most of the trophy hands hanging from the steed and shield are press mould copies of hands from a metal Chaos Knight shield.When he left his home, Manos stopped displaying his family's coat of arms and using their name. He painted his shield black. As he gradually went mad, he adopted three hands as his personal heraldry, which he now represents with actual severed human hands. People he wants to help often flee before him in terror...

Panchos, the squire, rides atop a donkey. This was a toy antelope that I heavily converted with putty. These two are obviously partly based on Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, that's why Ivan wanted a donkey for the squire's mount.

During the Battle of Dol, Panchos used Manson's lost hand to taunt the Gargants. This proved very useful as it distracted them and helped the knights a great deal.

The lovely panicked peasants in the story above came from Saul Painter. My favourite is the running one. Sadly, they arrived late and missed the actual event. But they came in handy for this tale, so they haven't travelled all this way in vain.

*   *   * 

This big bearded creature is a Leshi, a forest demon. Painted something for fun after a little break from the hobby. Legen was great, but it ended up causing a burnout in me.

The model was sculpted by Vladimir during our evenings drinking on and around the days of the Legen event. The guy has a habit of carrying a little sculpting kit with him, with a few tools and super fast-curing putty for sculpting on the go. Pretty cool!

Sunday, 29 July 2018

CLXXX. Legen: The Battle

Recovered from the game, so now it's time for a brief report. Had a great time, was glad to see my friends from before, and meet a new one. Thanks for coming, everyone!

If you are somehow hearing about this for the first time, I'll explain what the event was about. Legen was a collab project by a group of hobbyists from the Dark Age of Sigmar (AoS28) crowd. I invited people from all over Europe to come to Zagreb for a game. Not all were able to make it, but there were still nine of us playing; five from abroad. Some of those who were not here still sent the minis they made for the project. It was all about building and painting unique minis specifically for the event, inventing their lore and playing out a story on a custom table, while the rules were kept very loose and simple so that they don't get in the way of a good time. The venue was provided by my club, UMS „Agram“, and I would not have had the board to play on without the help of my friends Marko Paunović and Goran Krunić. You can actually see the first half of the board build tutorial in Initiative Magazine vol 12. It will continue in the next issue. I've covered the creation of my warband, giants and scenery here on the blog during the past months. You can find them all under the Legen label, or by clicking the Legen logo in the left sidebar. There will actually be more bits of story coming late, since I simply didn't have time to blog as the event was approaching.

List of contributors with their sites. I expect at least some of them might do their own writeups at some point:    


The Gargants are coming! 

The people of Dol were in a state of panic. They knew they were coming, they could feel the ground trembling when the Gargants were still a long way away. The women, children and old folks were evacuated hours ago, on overloaded carts carrying everything they could. The only ones that remained in the village were the brave, the foolish, and the too slow...

Towering figures approached from the north, trampling crops and toppling trees. Moving in with determination, like an unstoppable, destructive tide. Their dull, beady eyes searching for men and cattle to devour; ugly maws dribbling, clubs ready in their massive hands. The peasants could only behold in despair, wait powerless for their homes to be torn down... and curse their lord for not defending them. The bastard is cowering in his castle, waiting for the giants to pass through his lands unopposed. 

But what is that? A sound of horses, and of steel clanging. Could it be the lord is coming to their aid after all? No... It is knights. But their colours are not familliar. They all look foreign to the people of Dol. But what does it matter, if they've come to help them. Blessings upon the unknown heroes! 

Eight lances step in front of Nerod and his herd, their retainers following behind them. There is yet hope for Dol. For a moment, the giants halt their progress. They did not expect any opposition here. But then, their leader roars a command, and they all charge forward. The ground shakes, as the fierce battle commences.

I was pretty underslept and too preoccupied with the battle to take precise notes of what was happening. I was in charge of Gargants because Tomislav hadn't managed to finish his warband in time, so he controlled my Sir Pelial. But I can say there were some twists and turns, some Gargants died easily, others proved very lucky. 

Nerod kept falling over at the start, so he advanced very slowly. He got an intense finale battle alone against four knights, which was really great. Went on for a few turns. He managed to crush Helge's knight to death after he was slain. We had at least one Gargant fleeing off the table. One of the Gargants, the Moss Giant, remorsefully switched sides after fatally bludgeoning Sir Tanasian and his rhino mount (Have you seen that guy? That wasn't an easy feat). 

Skoff  * The Moss Giant * Bauge * Manson * Nerod, Prophet of the Legen-King * Rolfish * Dundo * Slonus * Droggen
In the end, all nine Gargants were slain or fled the battlefield, and four out of eight knights were dead. Tomislav got the idea to claim the village for Sir Pelial, and nobody opposed him. So hell, now he owns a village. Good job, Tomislav! I'll think of a way to continue his story. The village's cowardly lord might want to take it back. Westcott and the Aelf survived fine, the dog fled the scene (of course he did...) and poor Murdered Knight got murdered again. I think it's permanent this time, as he got crushed to dust by the giant Rolfish. 

Hopefully the others will give more info on the heroic deeds of their knights in their own writeups. Keep an eye on their blogs! I also intend to update the Legen 'Battletome' PDF with all the warband and giant Warscrolls, so I'll put that up for download when it's done.

*   *   *

I have here a showcase of all the Warbands. For more pictures and lore check their authors' respective blogs/instagrams. Most have been shown publically before the game.

 Sir Nikosh, the Knight Transcendent by Witold Krawczyk.

 Demihippogryph Knight by Mikkel Engh.

 Unnamed Knight by Helge Wilhelm Dahl.

 Sir Tanasian, Baron of Ivona by Vladimir Matić-Kuriljov.

Pegarius Bardas, Champion of No by Rebecca Krohn Karlsson.

 The Jackalope Knight of Nevergreen by Filip Petersson.

 Don Manos, the Left-Handed Knight by Ivan Polanšćak.

Sir Pelial of Turm, Death Knight of Vvolos by Ana Polanšćak.

*   *   *

I'll have a report on Legen in the 28 Magazine as well, but from a 'making of' perspective. Could be interesting to anyone considering organizing a similar event, so keep an eye out for that. Will be out this autumn.

Thanks once again to everyone who participated, and to all who followed the development of the project here on the blog and on social media. 

*   *   * 

Oh, and my Tor Megiddo warband was in White Dwarf this month. :)