Tuesday, 22 August 2017

CXXXVIII. Abhorrant Ghoul Queen's Court: Abhorrant Ghoul Queen

Queen Ligia the Ever-living, leader of my FEC warband and sovereign of the Ghoul city-state of Folda.



"In the midst of this pit of monsters sits the Abhorrant Ghoul King upon a throne of mortal remains. Tall and powerful, everything about the king screams that he is a bestial predator, from his lithe, corded muscles to the dark hunger in his inhuman gaze. However, this is not what the king and his followers see. To the king, he sits upon a gilt throne in a great hall...."
 W:AoS Death Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts

So, like all the rest of the lot, the ruler of a Flesh-eater Court shares in the delusion of grandeur while in fact being a blood-sucking fiend. 

"Within the madness of a Flesh-eater Court, each has their role. The king is lord and master of all, standing at the head of the hierarchy. Sometimes, he might create other abhorrants to share in this glory, though they usually remain subservient to the king’s desires. (...) For example, the Giblet Prince is the heir apparent and closest to his king. The Offal Queen oversees the blood-nurseries, caring for the newest of the brood, and making sure they feed regularly on the red bounty their father provides."
W:AoS Death Battletome: Flesh-eater Courts

Oh, I see... I guess my ghoul realm is strangely progressive then...


What were vampires of Strigoi bloodline in the Old World became Abhorrant Ghoul Kings in AoS. This model comes only as part of Terrorgeist/Zombie Dragon plastic kit. It's roughly human-sized.

Source: games-workshop.com


First of all, I wanted to have a female vampire rather than a male one. There are GW lady vampires, but if you look at the available miniatures, they all follow the same pattern: that of a deadly, classy seductress. That's not the archetype I'm looking for here. To match my interpretation of FEC lore, my ruler needed to be both ferocious and regal - a beast draped in tattered finery. 

I liked the pose and crookedness of the body of the Techpriest Dominus model, and I'd been looking for an excuse to use it for a conversion since its release. The initial concept had Ligia wear a huge ruff and fancier attire. This got scrapped in favour of a more battle-ready look. I replaced the ruff with furs, which are still a fancy accessory. The elegant cane that supports her crooked frame remained as another symbol of her high status. There is not too much bling (there could be more, actually), but she does wear a lot of rings. The polished war horn on her hip is a tool for summoning and commanding her loyal troops. She does not look like she is bursting with muscle, but remember that under that tattered dress is a leering undead monster towering over even the tallest a human.

Bits list: Techpriest Dominus body and cane arm, Belisarius Cawl left arm, Daemonette head, tail and horn from Space Wolves, bits of chainmail from an Ogre Irongut gutplate. The rest is putty.
Hybrid of Milliput and Green Stuff proved great for sculpting chainmail and fur.

I actually began the conversion late June, and back then it was headed in a different direction. I didn't like how it was turning out and it frustrated me, so I put her away in the box reserved for projects that frustrate me. Only this week I picked her up again, cut off all the putty and started over. This time it worked!
*   *   *

I believe now I have enough models for a small playable warband. Neat. Before continuing with various courtiers I'll do another batch of common ghouls. Conversion ideas have spawned in the interim. 


  1. This is very cool. I like the way that she's roughly human-shaped but, on closer inspection, couldn't possibly be human. It's a very nice use of the kit (and now you have loads of robot arms for the bits box!). Her shape and outfit reminds me of the monsters from The Dark Crystal, which itself looks very Warhammery, in a way.

    1. Thanks Toby! She does rather look like the Skeksis from Dark Crystal. With the Techpriest kit one could actually model the creatures themselves - they would make nice Tzeentchian daemons or somesuch.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous conversion, I love it! And I am really enamoured with the Flesh Eaters Courts narrative, this figure truly fits the theme; regal, sinister, grotesque.

    I've had an idea on the back burner for years now, probably since 7th edition Warhammer Fantasy. To do a Vampire Counts army led by a knightly lord and his household who was unwillingly cursed with vampirism and undeath. When I saw the FEC narrative I was like "It's like this!... Sort of.." to my friends.

    But I love skeletons, so probably steering away from FEC, maybe I'll get around to this sometime... A project for another day methinks.

    1. Thank you! I like the idea. I hope you do make them some day.

  3. The extreme contortion of the figure screams unnatural. Fantastic model.

  4. Once again, it's a great mini !
    The conversion is disturbing and very well done.

  5. That's a great looking sculpt and an equally good paint job. A nice addition to the set.

  6. That Ana, is very, very, very, VERY cool.