Monday, 1 September 2014

LXXII. The Beast

The Beast arrives to take the White Harpy's place in the crew. 

The body comes from a metal GW Chaos Warhound, the "crown" from a Tomb Kings banner, and the face from a Slaanesh Daemonette; the elongated neck and the pointy breasts are my own sculpting.

Before priming.

The Countess is able to use a spell which severs a part of her soul and releases it from her body for a limited time. The soul fragment manifests as the Beast. The creature is an ethereal monstrosity, a potent ally in battle. This practice is not entirely without risk, because if the Beast is harmed then so is the Countess. 

Painted. I'm pretty sure she could look better if I were to experiment a bit with the colour scheme, but I'll leave her like this for the time being. Until Inspiration strikes.

I've also been doing some work on converting the rules lately. The Doctor's and the Countess' crews have their stat cards ready. The Troglodytes too, pretty much. What I haven't touched yet are Upgrades and Reaper Horseman's retinue of bell ringers and hobby horses. I've even converted the Malifaux 2E rulebook, and the M1.5E campaign rules. The scenarios of the first campaign have been outlined, but not yet written. 

Since I last showed the stat cards in LVI. The Rules, besides the slight rules changes I have now added proper symbols for card suits, pulses, blasts, auras, attack types and fate modifiers. The stat cards are now easier to read.

*   *   *

The next mini-project will be a brand new minion type for the Plague Doctor's crew: the Orderly. Actually, I'll be making a pair of Orderlies. They will both be wielding cumbersome poison throwers, which spew toxic vapours at the enemy.

The core bits: Skaven Warpfire Throwers, masked Chaos Cultists, Victoria Miniatures round goggles.


  1. That is just something else, one of the most inspiring things Iv'e seen this year. The only thing I noticed is that the second picture down(the one of The Beast's front after painting) doesn't enlarge/show up when your looking through them.

    1. Thank you!
      I fixed the picture now, thanks for pointing that out. :)

  2. Another weirdly beautiful and inspiring piece :)

    Can't wait to see the orderlies, that's a nice selection of parts.

  3. Now that is something ! I really like the dark nobility of the beast and the latent savagery beneath it. Truly an inspiring model !
    From concept to execution, a flawless job.

  4. Your work and vision never cease to amaze and disturb... My sole criticism is that you should really put bigger pictures :)
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Weird. Beautiful. Beautifully weird and weirdly beautiful.

  6. This is really magnificent, Ana.

  7. A superb conversion. The head and crown work so well on that body. I'm rather excited to see the orderlies.

  8. Freakish! Great conversion, Ana.

  9. Thank you very much for your comments, everyone! :)

  10. Excellent work! :)
    P.S. the boobs reminded me of Nurse Diesel in Mel Brooks' "High Anxiety" ( :D

  11. Great work as usual, Ana! Great to see you're still churning out the heavy hitters! Always an inspiration! :D

  12. Beast is a bit to weird for my liking but everthing else so far is great, really inspiring blog, your building a whole new world of creatures and factions, exactly what I want to do, keep up the fantastic work!

  13. Love that conversion! Thank you!

  14. Wow! Together with the Crimson Sphynxes this one is easily one of my favourites out of all your truly wonderful, personal and highly enigmatic garden creations.

    I can imagine her headpiece and earrings clinking away in the dense garden forests of as she moves around incorporeal.


  15. Yet another disturbing masterpiece, well done.