Thursday, 21 August 2014

LXXI. The Autumnal Forest

I have finally painted all the plastic tree terrain I had in my possession. My forest now consists of: one large Hanging Tree, two regular Hanging trees, six regular trees, and six pygmy trees. All done from one Wyrd and two GW plastic kits. 
The forest. You will notice the Guardian of the Golden Bough chilling in there.


Once both the Citadel Wood kits were finished, I noticed that I had six leftover branches. So I got the idea to make some bushes. These can stand on their own, or some day I could make a larger base that holds several of them- like the one supplied with the Citadel Wood kit, and have area terrain. 

When I compared them to human-sized miniatures it turned out they are more the size of small trees than bushes. They are small, but don't really look like young trees (too gnarled and thick), so I just call them 'pygmy trees'. 

The stuff I used: 30mm wooden bases, leftover branches from the Citadel Wood kit, cork, sand. Not pictured: green stuff, brass rod, PVA glue, superglue, plastic cement.

I pinned the branches to the bases, and resculpted the base of each trunk with green stuff to get the right growing-out-of-the-ground look. The bases were finished with cork and sand.
After painting the bases and the trunks, I glued the canopies. These were painted along with the canopies belonging to the larger trees I made recently. It's boring, repetative work, so it's best done in larger batches. I left one of the small trees bare for extra variety.
*   *   *

The Shaman is also done.

The third Troglodyte Shaman.
*   *   *


  1. Lovely/creepy forest. Seems like you need a few pines though.

    I think the pygmy trees could still be bushes, there are some types that grow slowly and in a gnarled fashion like that.

  2. The pygmy trees are a great idea! I had not considered doing that with my own.

  3. Your forest is really looking great, like bone trees.

  4. Very foreboding, as a haunted wood should be. Great job on the shaman.

  5. Nice use of spare parts.

    Good work overall.